Blue Crystals are overpriced or im dreaming!

Hello everyone,

Why blue crystals prices getting that high.
I remember when I start playing the game It was like 750/800 each 95 blue crystals and I thought that was much. But now srsly 95 BC = 1700 gold !
Yesterday was for 1600G

what is behind all of this? who control these prices?

I’m just pissed off!! maybe.
But srsly something wrong here. do I need to spend 50K gold to get 1370 accessories ? this is not normal at all.

Lets calculate it.

For 5 acc you need of total 75 pheons.

so u need the 100 phoens pag. which this would cost 850 blue crystals

850 BC = 15282G

you’ll have 25 pheons left. that means You can buy only 5 ability stones.

I have had over 26 ability stone AND I COULDN’T MAKE IT 6/6.

So I still need more.

We need a solution here.


Logged in through GeForce today to collect daily rewards. I was curious about BC and checked the exchange, It was 1900… NAW Mari. I was like hell nah, logged out.

It’s the current state of the game caused by many factors including:

  • Whales not spending as much due to gear soft caps and lack of new gear content
  • Influx of gold via more high-level alts doing weekly raids (I run 6x Valtan/Vykas/Angus every week)
  • Fewer characters honing once they are parked at 1415-1445 (less gold sink)
  • Bots still exist and inflate gold as well as attract some whales away from legitimate purchases via crystal exchange
  • Rising demand for pheons due to gearing alts and the upcoming tripod rework

So basically there are many factors contributing to this issue. The developers can adjust the crystal to gold ratio a bit or the pheon costs but inflation is inevitable.


at this rate its going to reach 3000 and nobody would be able to gear thmselves due to it.
it looks like amazon needs to introduce a way to get pheons soon otherwise lots of people are going to quit.


People have already quit knowing it will only rise higher. We have inflation in real life to deal with, people don’t want to deal with that in-game. The more ppl that quit the more it will go down; let the idiots who don’t know when to stop keep getting scammed


Our income isn’t that far off KR weekly wise… maybe its like what 60-70% of what KR players make? Their blue crystals are 3k gold exchange. It’s about time people start investing into long term gold earning

remember 6x vykas and 6x valtan in statics is about 6hs/week and a good souirce of gold

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Remove the 3 day hold and it will drop some. Impulse buying helps and now whales can’t do it.

Opposite, the more people quit, the higher it goes. Hence the snowball into a dead game.

Completely Agree. If you dont build your accounts and just center in one PJ only, you are doomed.

Basic Numbers:

ilvl from 1400 to 1414
1x Oreha Hard 2100 + 1x Argos P3 2700 = 4800G
4800G x 6PJ Rooster: 28800 Gold per week
Plus 3k from Una’s = 31800G per week

ilvl from 1415 to 1427.5
1x Argos P3 2700 + 1x Valtan Normal 2500 = 5200G
5200G x 6PJ Rooster: 31200 Gold per week
Plus 4k from Una’s = 35200G per week

ilvl from 1430 to 1442.5
1x Argos P3 2700 + 1x Valtan Normal 2500 + 1x Vykas Normal 2500 = 7700G
7700 x 6PJ Rooster: 46200 Gold per week.
Plus 4k from Una’s = 50200G per week.

ilvl from 1445 to 1457.5
1x Argos P3 2700 + 1x Valtan Hard 4500 + 1x Vykas Normal 2500 = 9700G
9700 x 6PJ Rooster: 58200 Gold per week.
Plus 4k from Una’s = 62200G per week.

ilvl </= 1472.5
1x Argos P3 2700 + 1x Valtan Hard 4500 + 1x Vykas Hard 4500 = 11700G
11700 x 6PJ Rooster: 70200 Gold per week.
Plus 4k from Una’s = 74200G per week.

If crystals costs 1700G x 95 BC, 950BC costs 17000G
If crystals costs 3000G x 95 BC, 950BC costs 30000G
100 Pheons costs 850BC (1 Pheon cost: 8.5BC)

If 100 Pheons costs 850BC and with a rooster of 6PJs at minimum at 1414 you get 31800G per week, and BC costs 1700G (17.89G/BC), you can get 209 Pheons with the gold you get in a week.

If 100 Pheons costs 850BC and with a rooster of 6PJs at minimum at 1445 you get 62200G per week, and BC costs 1700G (17.89G/BC), you can get 409 Pheons with the gold you get in a week.

If 100 Pheons costs 850BC and with a rooster of 6PJs at minimum at 1414 you get 31800G per week, and BC costs 3000G (31.57G/BC), you can get 118 Pheons with the gold you get in a week.

If 100 Pheons costs 850BC and with a rooster of 6PJs at minimum at 1445 you get 62200G per week, and BC costs 3000G (31.57G/BC), you can get 231 Pheons with the gold you get in a week.

Taking into account 95 BC costs 3000G in KR (And now in SA) we can assume it will be the “standard price” in balanced (of Number of Players and Economy) regions, if you dont evolve your alts and prepare your account to get tons of gold weekly, soon you cant even progress with your main.

1445 to 1457.5 ilvl seems to be a pretty good spot to park alters to farm gold without a need to invest tons of gold or pheons, but with the gold you can farm with 6 PJs at 1445+ , you can start to farm BC to make pheons or change them for gold when BC price rises, etc.

But before that spot, 1414 its pretty reliable too, and get 6 PJs to 1414+ get you enough gold to get Pheons for Relic Accesories to build 4x3 Alts (Avoiding Rancor till you know perfect the entire game and have a good weekly gold income to invest in get it)

Updated: Some sites says you get 3300G for normal Vykas so it generates more gold than I stipulated in the Gold Stimation for ilvl from 1445 to 1457.5 making it a total gold of:
10500 x 6PJ Rooster: 63000 Gold per week.
Plus 4k from Una’s = 67000G per week.

its 1.9-2k for NA West

This happens because of a bad base design. The servers need like eating 18 alt players to feed the auction. But sure, now this f2p player also needs to equip 6 mains. He will do it like a whale, with fierce competition in the ah, prices are set on his weekly income.

Then we have the whale that devours the ah, but this whale has a problem. You cannot sell large quantities of RC quickly and weekly without devaluing its price. They resort to rtm, the more you pay the more you get, without complications.

In the end, the average gamer is only there to be snatched up by the great whales for a book or whatever else he accomplishes. He has the expensive pheons because nobody sells, and the auction looted by whales, with prices for them.

Price of BC is set directly by players who both sell and buy them and indirectly by AGS/SG who control demand and supply of BC and gold.
What you see right now is what sellers consider fair price and buyers agree with that by purchasing BC.
I really doubt that anything off-schedule will be done to change it. It will probably go down once we no longer have good RC-only skins and Brelshaza releases. But if by then it will be 3k and goes down to 2.3k then you probably are better off buying them right now if you really need 'em.

If you are patient then you will get enough free pheons to get proper gear. Current login event + pheon fever + vendor will give us +120 pheons in a month, enough to get one character full 4x3 gear. If you can’t wait, then you need to pay up; this is how it works in pretty much every F2P game.
As much as I hate pheons, I just accepted that they won’t go away as long as people buy them, even tho they don’t need to.

Uhhh… just get 4x3 on your 6 gold makers. It is good for Vykas HM. Do not aim for 5x3 unless you are a whale or I guess “lucky”.
I recently geared my Gunlancer with 4x3+1 for 3k gold + ~120 pheons (that I got from events and such). Before that about 2 weeks earlier I’ve got my bard 4x3 for again 3k gold + ~120 pheons.
If you are going for 5x3 then yes, you will indeed compete with whales for accessories and will pay whale price tag.
FYI legit whales are what allows F2P to play this game while being F2P, so I’m not sure why you are bitc… complaining about them.

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Inflation is natural in a player-controlled exchanged market. Though it’s not really accelerated as it is happening now. On a normal scenario, the prices of RC to Gold and Gold to BC should be in a certain range (like between 1450 and 1500 for example, not more, not less). Yet, in the current state of Western LOA the prices keep rising. Verthandi already mentioned many factors that influence this uncontrolled rise.

As a player-controlled economy, devs cannot interfere heavily. There are some kind of decreases between each huge patch (new raids), but the rise again will continue.

What devs and AGS can do to apply a balance on the prices is to incentivise whales to use the exchange market to buy gold. F2P and low spenders are everywhere, and they don’t have other way of obtaining BC at a cheaper price. However, whales can opt to buy RMTed gold because is cheaper. And as AGS’s actions to face the illegal market of gold aren’t so successful (though not necessarily all of their actions were bad e.g. captcha), many high spenders still opt to buy from illegal sellers instead of exchanging RC to Gold.
The result: there’s a ton of gold waiting to be exchanged from RC and a ton of low spenders/F2Ps still adding more gold to the reserves. The root problem is not whaling, it’s not F2P. It’s the lack of incentives to buy gold legally.

But it isn’t player-controlled economy, not entirely. AGS/SG could drastically lower BC prices in many ways, some that would take probably a couple minutes of their time:

  • lower price of RC
  • give more BC per RC
  • give less gold
  • require more gold for things like quality upgrades, honing, crafting
  • reduce cost of shop services sold for BC
  • release skins with BC purchase option

Things that would require more effort:

  • introduce new gold sinks

True, AGS/SG can reduce RC to gold prices, thus gold to BC prices will reduce… but doesn’t it gives more incentives to the whales to buy RMTed gold? At the end, that would be a huge win to the RMT market.

Both Gold and BC markets are related, as F2P give gold to whales and whales reduces the prices of BC by buying gold. Both of them need of each other to survive.

Giving less gold (per raid I suppose is what you meant, please correct me) will only make harder to F2P/low spenders to get gold, thus making it harder to progress if you also want to increase the prices of honing and other progression stuff. Yes, it would create an incentive for spenders to buy gold using RC, but if the RMT market offers cheaper prices then… the market is just damaging the F2P/low spenders. And, again, legally speaking, the whales and F2P needs of each other.

I wouldn’t mind the reduction of BC items, actually. I may agree with you on that.

Releasing BC skins will only increase the demand for BC, thus the balance price won’t go down.

If I may ask, how do you think the exchange market works? I’m not trying to be an a$$hole here btw, just want to know if we’re on the same page :smiley:

The bots players, basically someone offers crystals for 1700 gold, and people buy them at that price because they need pheons (I mean sure, you can just offer 1680 instead of the recommended price and wait until inevitably at some point of the day it goes that low and little by little BC price goes down, but who has time for that?)

That’s without the stone which usually costs around ~50 pheons worth of tries.

maybe stop wanting everything for free? blue crystals can only be obtained by spending real money and even a 1600 gold conversion rate is totaly not worth using

The ratio of BC / RC seems to unattractive and that creates massive bot business, since it’s lucrative.
No wonder, that you just can buy skins and sell it for +50% more gold than directly conversion.

Does SG think, regular people of West have a lot money to throw out of a window easily?

If you read the post carefully, I didn’t ask for anything for free.

So please if u don’t like what you see, don’t leave a comment and leave in peace.

The fact they dont hard cap crystal price at least at alleviate the pain a bit says it all