Blue Crystals are server-bound and not account-bound?

Hey, so like many players, I bought the lvl 50 Complete pack which costs 1100 royal crystals and gives you 2600 blue crystals total when you reach lvl 50.
I thought that those crystals would be account-wide, seems like they are not, they are only linked to the server where you receive them. Which, of course, is a pain with all the queues, and the fact that I want to play with my friends on another server.

So, is there any way? If I buy a skin with my blue crystals and don’t redeem it, will I be able to redeem it on another server?


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Got exactly the same problem.
Support told me to keep an eye out on the news section of the forum for an official statement in the next days.

Thanks for the reply, seems like we need to wait (again) then…

Yes blue crystal is server bound. That is why it takes less to buy things.

Purchases made with blue crystals are account bound as well.

I had the same thing, friend ended up on Shandi so I created account there as well. Just ended up buying another one over there XD

Purchases with blue crystals are account-bound? Because that is not clear at all. Let’s say I buy a skin with blue crystals, can I log in another server and redeem the skin?

In 2022 you still only get server specific unlocks. This is just hilarious at this point :joy:


Just confirmed that blue crystal purchases are server bound. Unlike the founder packs which are account bound. Not sure if Royal Purchases are account bound though.

Thanks for the test. That’s one less incentive to move to another server/region then.