Blue GL meta change

So looking at new meta seems it has changed a lot… dont want to scare you but you better buy the combat ready engrave while you can… just bought my 20 books at 100 gold each…

the new meta looks like this

i have tested it somewhat as I only have for now cr 1 but i have adrenaline 3 AND i have swiftness on my neck and bracelet BUT

only having reality active from Hallucination (100% uptime as blue gl) i have plain 50% crit rate base on sheet + crit from neck and bracelet (i compensate with LwC 12 but still missing some) you can get over 60% crit for keenblunt to be efficient (not including crit sinergies) (also havent tested the build with KB)

So far I have done Valtan, Vycas and Cali and havent run into mana issues but man that shits crits so much… I only see big yellow numbers it is SO beatiful!.

this was a new test with another GL, the SH and the Glavier were same ilvlish and full brel as my GL

and another one kind of same team comp… very consintent results

test 1 with other gl different comp

test 2 same same GL double crit syn with a bard got cruel

this run was interesting… This particular GL is quiet different, he has precise dagger instead of adrenaline AND he is only 1500 2 pieces brel (building up rest) and weap is still valtan weap… the sorc was 1520 brel weap


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i’ve seen the hallucination shift

trixion parses from what i’ve seen nightmare outperforms
but in real raid scenarios and reclear content it’s difficult to proc and maintain nightmare (somewhat due to supports)

so considering hallucination is consistent upfront output it probably outperforms when you are disgustingly over gearing content.

i’m thinking of making a KB build but i’m building the gems first for now.

also something to note is that the shift in meta at the strongest players
the people there can demand a crit synergy which helps a lot
we don’t get the luxory of getting one consistently

As someone who plays with Hallucination set from the start I can already tell you that yes, it works.

However, looking at the fact that this is Crit/Spec, you would most probably need Lvl 10 CD gems to keep up Adrenaline, and also a Crit synergy in the party to make KBW worth it. Also, it must feel really bad to play due to 0 swiftness.
This is total minmax for damage that 99% of players cannot achieve.

If you want to try Halu build just go for standard Grudge/CD/Barricade/Stabilized/Adre2/CR1, full spec with swiftness on neck, Bracelet should be Spec/crit. I play like that from the start and it feels really nice. The only thing is that yes, crit rate is a bit lackluster, but it improves with lvl2 Halu and later on with lvl3.

Looks good. Are you running into any mana issues with Hallu (or do they appear if you run Spec swift on the necklace)?

if you administrate (dont spam nella) you dont find any mana issue, means you gotta know the fight for the build to work, if course a couple of legendary focus on shout of hatred and nella

Blue GL meta change.

looks in the replies after 3days

Only 4replies to this meta change


Well GLs are not Very popular, blues even less than red AND I didnt made it up… Look all over KR blue lancer

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fair point

this build was always a good option people go for ST instead of KBW and use nightmare cause its way cheaper also imo i still think CR should be on 1 better than on 3

Yeah, the 4 total people that play GL and care about their damage replied, the other 99% call their character “[something]+tanky” and are afk for most of the fight KEKW

Would be great if that bulid works. I think cr3 grude3 adre3 barricade/cd3 kwb3 is closer to what most can afford, so the similar bulid as scouters runs. But what about mana and keeping that adrenaline stacks without nightmare?

Killed monkey today with test build I described with hallucimation, I have no mana issues, just dont spam nella everytime is off cd but when actually needed.

Swiftness neck works great and I dont have problems with adrenaline stacks

I don’t understand what you’re trying to say but you are probably right so cool :ok_hand: