Blue Glavier or Blue Gunlancer > Desto Main?

Control Glavier (1345) or Blue Gunlancer (960) which is more relaxing/chill to T3+ yet easy to transition to Gravity Desto ?

What on earth does blue mean, seeing this everywhere now

Gunlancers have two builds, Lone Knight (dubbed Red) and Combat Readiness (dubbed Blue). It’s called this way because of the color of the icons of the skills they mainly use.

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gunlancer is way easier to play.

with glaivier you will stress a lot. you must avoid every hit or you die in 2-3 hits. you must combo, position, skill rotation etc.

im talking here about 1370+ content with 3 pinnacle 3 grudge, when you fight enemies on the recommended ilvl.
Yoho fox normal tail attacks does 1/3 damage to you. from balls falling from sky, it takes 2 hits for you to die.


Sorry yeah forgor

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