Blue gunlancer 1370 accesory so cheap

i just buy 80+ quality combat readliness 3 + adrenaline 3 accesory

all 4 of them cost 1000 gold each, total of 4800, and thats buy out, if i had to wait will only cost 500 gold each, but i wont risk it so i just buy it without bid lol

and all of them only +1 negative nodes

why its so cheap? no one going adrenaline on gunlancer?

while i also have 1385 bard, the accesory price is so expensive: even +3 negative and 60-70 quality cost 4-6k gold each jeeezzzzz

well, you kinda only need lv1 combat readiness, and most people would go for barricade and stabilized status before adrenaline.

and support accessories are some of the most expensive i’ve seen so far, paladin is the same too

allready have baricade and grudge from stone and books

so my next is adrenaline and combat

was trying to get adrenaline with hitmaster / spirit absorb but no one selling it lol

Wouldn’t optimal setup be like 33311, with CR lvl1 and lvl1 adrenaline for crit chance?
And then barricade, grudge, stabilized on lvl3?

and support accessories are some of the most expensive i’ve seen so far, paladin is the same too

You craft a stone first, get a 6+4. Then you buy 4 accessories that are all 100g each with just blessed aura, but 90+ quality on swiftness. 5th accessory is expensive, but you get a 2+3 ring for like 3-5k depending on the day with engraving that got +4 or +5 on the stone. 2x9 in slots and you’re good to go.

interesting, how do u set up for this 33311

are this setup expensive?

because gunlancer is only my 4th alt


Stabilized+barricade in slots x9.
Stabilized+barricade stone 6+6, so that’s sorted.

3 grudge + 3 CR
3 grudge + 2 CR
3 grudge + 3 adrenaline
3 grudge + 2 adrenaline
3 grudge + X

If you can’t get the 6+6 stone, 6+4 is enough and then you get grudge + what you’re missing from the stone in final accessory slot.

That’s for 1370 gear with legendary accs.

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oh ic

getting that non class accesory 70+ quality gonna be pain though so expensive more than 4k ?

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Probably, or you can go another engraving instead of grudge so it’s cheaper.

Maybe I made a mistake, probably it’s cheaper to go something like barricade+grudge stone and slots and then 5x3 stabilized in slots. Stabilized+adrenaline shouldn’t be that expensive.

yeah, you get a grudge book for +9 from all the pouches and boxes we get in game, then you only need 6, you can either get them from a stone or accessory.
your other book can be barricade +9 for example, i went barricade because i’m gonna play scouter when he comes out

i alrleady have 6 6 baricade grudge

so i allready covered that 15 grudge 15 baricade

but tring to find stablized and adrenaline… managed to get only 1 seeling it for 15k gold lol, no one else was selling it

if you already have that+ lv1 combat readiness you dont really need anything tbh for the current content.
also if you wait for relic accessories i think the legendary ones prices could drop since i assume people wouldnt pay that much for it anymore and just wait till they can get their relics

Yeah, I just went with the cheapest stones because I got traumatic stone cutting experiences. :grinning:

I got all the books, anyway. It was just more to show how the setup can work with engraving combos.

yeah i just cut my most expensive stone which is heavy armor and awakening for my bard… my hands tremble lol

got only 6 4, and 4 red

smh fail 3 times at 75%

but succes 2 times at last 35% and get my 6, phew…

Anyone know of it is possible to get a 6/6 epic T3 stone. I am starting to think it is not possible to get 6/6 on skill 1 n 2 on purple T3 stones?

Adrenaline with preordained is not very effective especially lvl1, lvl 3 maybe gives you 6% more damage. Therefore you should go stabilized status or hit master for third lvl 3 and call it a day until relic accessories.