Blue screen after launching the game!

i said before that my game was crashing every 10 mins and its only lost ark all other games work with no problem now after i did install new windows every 30 mins or 50 mins i get blue screen
and my pc restart i tried every thing nothing fix this issue i need a solution please !

Hi @Ventalety

Hope you are doing well!

I’m sorry for the blue screen issue you are having while you are playing Lost Ark.

I would like to share this troubleshooting steps you can try for the issue to verify if works for you.

Here is the link:

Steam Verify integrity of the games files

Troubleshooting Frame Rate and Performance Issues

If the problem persist once you have tried all the steps, I recommend you to contact our support team by creating a web ticket to help you further with this problem.

Contact us

Also please make sure to shared the DxDiag once you have reached support, you can pull it following this steps:

DxDiag report:

Go to Windows Start search bar and type dxdiag.

Click on dxdiag.exe.

When green progress bar goes away, select Save All Information and save the file to their desktop.

Hope this information helps you and happy holidays! :wolf:

Hi @Kagami
i have tried A lot of things not only that
i saw other people with the same issue appear these days
So its not from my pc I just want to play the game you guys :slight_smile:

Hi @Ventalety, have you tried to repair EAC and you may also have to add an exception rule in your anti virus software.

Has the game worked before for you ? I mean has it worked for 1 hour or many hours and only now you are having problems ?

Honestly it is a bit hard to provide you some help based on what you have said so far …


make it difficult to not repeat something you may have already tried.

Good Luck :+1:

Hi @mick437 yes tried that too in fact the problem happened the day after i saw post saying
to do repair for EAC may fix the DC problem
i played the game since day 1
and yes i know its hard and weird problem But i saw other people got the same issue
and one of them got fix by change Dx 11 to Dx9
didnt work for me but TY for Trying

Thanks for the reply! @Ventalety.

I’m sorry that none of the steps works for you to fix the issue.

In this case I recommend you to contact our support team by creating a web ticket using the link a shared in the reply above to help you further with this problem.

Don’t forget to give them all the information about the problem and the DxDiag report.

Hope you have a nice day! :wolf:

Well i Did twice and sent them the Dxdiag before
they didnt answer didnt answer i sent them another one yesterday and iam waiting for
them now

It’s caused by EAC.
Give it a break, eventually try veryifying the game files.
Usually fixes itself over time

It’s been 13 days Already :slight_smile:
iam waiting i have no other option but it’s making the game unplayable for me
and i play the game most of my time

Another possible approach could be to repair EAC

Hi again @Ventalety

Thanks you so much for your replies and for let me know that you have contact them again.

I can tell a estimate time that the team will be answer you back since once they receive the information and if is need it they will create ticket to the Devs team in order to investigate further the problem and locate the root cause of the problem to find the fix. This sometime can take a little longer that we expect it so please let’s wait a little longer to get any new from them.

Also as @Schnarchnase you can try to repair the EAC to verify if helps with this problem.

Here is the link if you like to try it.

Troubleshooting EAC Issues

The steps are in the 3rd point in the link.

Hope this information help you and happy holidays! :wolf: :tada:

ITs ok they problem just fixed on it self :slight_smile: idk how but its fixed
TY for your help <3


Thanks you for the confirmation! @Ventalety.

I’m glad that the issue fixed itself! :smile:

Let us know if you need help with something else.

Have nice day and Happy New Year! :wolf:

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Yeah, it fixes itself out of nowhere.
Happened to me aswell.

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yes its super weird but iam just happy that it dont crash now

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