Blue screen of death when launching Lost Ark


I have played around 70 hours of Lost Ark and was really enjoying it, never had any issues. Yesterday I played, no problem. A few hours later I try to log back into the game and I can’t anymore. Now every time I try to launch lost ark, i see the easy anti cheat launching (lost ark is also starting up in task manager). But before the game can properly launch my pc just crashes and I get blue screen. I have tried all I can think of (checking game files, reinstalling, update drivers, clear cache, …) but notrhing seems to work. Is anyone else having the same issue, cause I can’t believe it’s my PC.

ps: All other games I play work perfectly fine.


I did manage to figure out it’s related to EasyAntiCheat, cause I have one other game that uses EAC and when I try to launch that game, EAC tries to launch but then my PC crashes as well…


Same here, just started happening today. Worked just fine couple days ago.
Tried to work-a-rounds and suggested fixed - didnt help, still ending up with bsod after starting the game from steam.


I have the same issue. Game worked fine yesterday.

Today i’m getting a BSOD everytime i want to boot up the game.

It is also happening on other EAC games like Apex Legends.

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Yesterday I could play until 15:00 aprox. After that, at night, this thing started. Today the same… I did try to update my gpu driver, stop antivirus, verified the game files on Steam(which is kinda of a repair?), ended other processes and nothing worked. Now seeing more people have it makes me think it’s on their end…

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There’s no way it’s on our side if it suddenly stopped working at the same time for several people


Hello Adventurers ! Greetings and hoping you are well today.
Thank you for reaching out with your concerns.

I am really sorry to read this inconvenient.

Did you receive an error code?

Same here, yesterday it worked like a charm, today I tried to login, BSOD pops up after the Anticheat splashscreen. Every time.

Did the usual, Windows/Driver update verify gamefiles, ran a antimalware scan.

The BSOD error message changes sometimes, i can give you the BugCheck but I’m not sure if it will help.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x0000001e (0xffffffffc0000005, 0xfffff80218fff7d7, 0x0000000000000000, 0xffffffffffffffff). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: e862dfd4-5c1e-47e2-beb5-c419f3952432.
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There is.
Or how can you explain the majority of players not experiencing this problem?
I am sure there is something in common with the systems of all of you who are having issues.

Here are some things you can check:
Do you use any hardware RGB software?
Like Asus Armoury Crate, ICUE, OpenRGB
If yes, disable / close it completely.

Any 3rd Party Antivirus?
If yes, uninstall, use Windows Defender, set the steam library and maybe the EAC program path “C:\program file(x86)\easyanticheat” as exclusions.

Any overclocking or temperature monitoring software active?
Close it completely before starting LA.

It’s difficult to troubleshoot without comparing the systems directly.
All we can do is throw ideas around because the systems are so vastly different and who knows what software people are using or is installed and forgotten.

And how do you explain it happening at the same time to all of us?

Yes probably a small portion of players experience this today, but it’s very likely to be connected to an update Lost Ark made to their anti-cheat.

I would just like to know what they changed before I take these next step you described in your post because it worked yesterday and I have my BG-programs running for a reason.

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Same here, BSOD 3 time launching Lost Ark…

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Your argument would have been valid if the time of the issue wouldnt have matched for all of us.

Several end users reporting the same exact issue at the same time is no coincidence.

I did all the background checks like many others, and the issue is still there sadly

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As soon as i launch Lost Ark :

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Wtf I have 776 hours with no issues and today for some reason after launching lost ark It restarted my pc.
Literally happened for the first time an hour ago when I started the game.

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Same here… Happenned today

Every time when the anticheat is loading :
If i’m not launching lost ark my computer is working perfectly.

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This has been happening for some time, not yesterday. If you start searching for the problem of LA and having blue screen, you will start finding different stuff: like in the same LA forum, in Reddit and keep counting.

Tried disabling iCUE (I have it for my keyboard), and I have already done the antivirus stuff, firewall, adding exceptions, whitelist, basically whatever I could have tried on my PC. If you keep searching, the same problem to more people that have tried all and more of the possible solutions if it really is on the user’s end.

I’ve seen that uninstalling and installing might work for the day, but IDK if it will work on the following day…

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Hello! I’d say in this thread they detail a bit more the kind of errors and solutions tried…

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People are talking about it since 2 weeks in this thread : Perf impact of 3/23 EAC update is unacceptable

The game performances were already pretty bad at launch (compared to RU version) but since the March Update it just hit rock-bottom.

Random blue screens here for me as well; it depends whenever EAC decides that it wants to make my PC go boom.

I went from constant 100+ FPS to barely reaching 60FPS, without mentioning small random stutters and heavy loading times. It’s just getting worse every single patch.

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Don’t get me wrong here.
I didn’t mean to say the problem is not on EAC or LA.

But it has to be something between your systems and EAC / Lost Ark that triggers it.
Not just EAC in general as that would mean every other player should have that problem too.

And as it’s not happening to the majority of players the systems that are affected must have something in common that should be possible to find and probably fix until EAC can figure out what triggers it and fixes it globally.
But saying “there’s no way it’s on our side” is unrealistic given the circumstances.

Or to put it simply:
On systems affected there has to be some piece of software / driver (or hardware but I don’t think so) that is not playing well with the latest changes made to EAC.

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Did anyone found anything? We literally can’t play