Blue screen of death when launching Lost Ark

Worked for me, thanks!

I can’t comprehend how this is a thing, and has been since beginning of April yet there still isn’t any response or fix from AGS/SG. Your game is literally crashing computers and potentially causing irreparable damage yet absolutely no support. I’ve tried all of the above from this thread as well as other threads and reddit, chatted with support (generic response “will create a ticket to escalate the issue” blah blah blah) to no avail. Had 500+ hours in the game with no issues but this is beyond game breaking…

@Roxx I know from the other thread you mentioned you’ve brought it to the teams attention, is there anything that can be done on our end in the mean time?

I can’t play the game. Every time I try to open the game I get a blue screen and I’ve tried everything to fix it and nothing works. RIP game. :frowning:

I had the same issue on April 6 but back then, updating my drivers fixed the issue.
However, I am having the same problem again and I have already tried many of the solutions posted in this thread and other places (verifying file integrity, updating drivers, reinstalling the game etc.) but none of them have been successful and it’s quite concerning considering the potential consequences of repeated crashing on my pc. The frustrating part is that the game worked completely fine just this morning and I haven’t made any changes to the pc… so I’m really unsure what the problem is.

Never han an issue until today, tried reinstalling EAC but did not solve the problem. Not sure wtf you did overnight but it broke the EAC.

I found the issue and the solution is what someone else posted earlier: I still had the RU client installed. Had to re-install gamecenter, uninstall the RU client and then uninstall gamecenter again and it fixed the issue. I tried all the other solutions as well like reinstalling EAC etc but was still a problem until I removed the RU client.

Just wanted to chime in and say that I am having the same problem since yesterday, to be exact. And it is 100% caused by EAC. No other game does that. The moment the loading bar during EAC start-up reaches 100% my PC blue-screens. I didn’t change anything with my PC. It just started happening over night.
I did manage to “solve” the issue yesterday by installing the newest drivers and repairing EAC through the setup.exe in the Lost Ark game files - but today I got another blue screen launching Lost Ark; and repairing EAC doesn’t “fix” it anymore!
What are you doing, Amazon?

I will jump on this one as well.
Yesterday everything was fine, and I played in the afternoon till evening.
Today I updated my drivers through the Geforce Experience and now I also get
the blue screen.

Tried everything from above but nothing helped.
I dont have the RU Client and I didnt play with a VPN at any time, so I am not sure
why I get the blue screens.
I just hope it will get better till the next patch…

EDIT: I just started Lost Ark again and everything worked. I am not sure how

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Same issue I am struggling with.

Working fine until this morning.

Repair EAC didn’t help. Reinstalling LA now

Was having issues with LA on win11 so I installed win10 and was playing LA fine on that, now the bsods. Funny thing is that LA actually still launches on win11. It’s not a different install of LA, steam on both OSes uses the same install of LA.

Will report back if the reinstall doesnt resolve.

Yeah, Death Screen for me today… Out of blue.

I fixed my gfs BSoD today by doing this:
Uninstall lost ark
USe CCleaner to clean registry x2 times
Downloaded updated GPU drivers (hers were like a year outdated)
Install Lost ark.
This fixed her BSOD on launch, and her crashes on specific maps in which mods had to move her character for her to play.

Bump. Just got a BSOD on today’s reset update.

This is generally caused by that steaming pile of sh!t they call easy anticheat.

The only way I was able to resolve this problem was to format and reinstall windows.

No amount of reinstalling eac, drivers, and lost-ark helped.