Blurry graphics and bad image sharpening at max settings

Hello everyone,

I’m struggling to get good image quality despite having everything maxed out in graphic settings with cursor set to prioritize quality over performance.

Note that i have no FPS issues (even in big fighting areas and big cities). It’s just that when i watch some streamers playing, their game look WAY WAY better than mine and i don’t know why.

I’m playing on 1080p screen with native resolution and fullscreen mode.

PC setup

AMD Radeon 6600
Intel 10600K
16Gb ram DDR4

Same issue here.
If I set my resolution to 21:9 i can barely recognize the text. It looks like game runs on a 15 years old GPU.

Same here, using vega 11 ryzen5 3400g

i know that’s not good enough but its extremaly bad here, looks like my character graphics is smooth but the npcs doesn’t

im playing on 2K/1440p, all on max, no problems with image quality at all.
those LOA streamers also are either on 2K/1440p or wide screen 3440×1440 both is super sharp and nice image quality.

I have the exact same issue, the difference between graphs is not that high , theres a video on yt ahowing it, but compared to the streamers game on my pc looks like a cheap mobile game. And don’t know why, if you solve it please contact me

Try going in game folder, right click the executable - properties - compatiibility - click the dpi button- tick overrride dpi settings (application) - apply