Bogus maintenance

Seems to me that the supposed EU region maintenance is just bogus and you actually did nothing. I was out and my friend logged in as server were up, guess what Q 3000 instantly and we were not even in peak hours. And the max now is the same as before approx 18k but this time flowing much slower than before. You are most likely doing nothing or worsening things to discourage people from playing on a server to force them off said server. Since you do not actively post real update logs this is the only logical conclusion.

Please read this carefully: Regarding Central Europe Server Queues - News | Lost Ark - Free to Play MMO Action RPG

They never mentioned that the queue times will be solved right after the maintenance:

this maintenance is an important step in helping lay the groundwork


Yeah this was some intermediate prep work, not actually increasing the capacity yet.

The reason why the queue was instant is because thousands of people are sitting there with their screens open refreshing constantly so as to get in as soon as it reopened.

13k queue at 12 in the morning on Sunday?

We are actively working alongside the Smilegate RPG team in order to explore multiple options to help decrease queue times and get more players into the game. We will provide more detailed plans on this as soon as we are able.

sounds more like "yea talk to you later’ to me.

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If they added new servers or increase capacity that would have been the goal…
Not making people play Queue Simulator ™

It is not the Q that is bothering me. It is the disparity between what they announce and what they actually do.


“Nothing” is what they did.

There is so much disparity between what they say and what they actually do that this is my only conclusion. The lack of actual update logs is the worst part even more that long Q times because people can only approximately assume what will be happening.

After New World they must like that Queue Simulator

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I have not experienced new world, but i have seen hundreds of thousands of people say this, and it seems to have been repeated here again.

They won’t add plus servers to prevent servers from dying later on (1 month, 6 months, 1 year) like what happened to NW. There’s no reason to increase the capacity of the physical servers to let more people in because game on server side can only handle limited amount of data. They need some server side changes both in hardware and software.

But ye, let everyone in and give ppl 2000ms lags. Then forums would be overflowed with 10x more angry people.

Edit: add new servers + merge server option in the same region should exist tho… or Amazon could ask Smilegate create it for later usage. But it’s more business than technical.

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We don’t know what they are doing and actually we don’t need to know in detail what they are doing.

Important thing is that they tell us that something is happening and they are taking steps to solve things instead of using their time to trying to explain us everything. Asking for anything else just makes you Karen.

Based on AGS history, technical problems will lead people to leave seagull online. And then queues will be solved by themselves.

Level of gross incomptence is beyond infinity.


First time using AGS ?

The dumbest shit i have seen in my life. Hello idiot, asking for detailed log of a maintenance is not being a Karen. Same shit if someone goes to do maintenance on their vehicle, you get a maintenance log from them to know what was done on your vehicle. No one asked for an explanation here, we asked for a log. Is that hard for you to comprehend? If you have no clue, please do not type. thanks

she prolly a stupid person who has no clue on how things work. That’s the kind of people that get scammed. " i don’t want to know, i just want you to tell me it is going to be ok, without it being ok at all"

This. It has been done on other games since the age of the Internet.

So you own the game and the servers just like the car? I’m pretty sure technicalities are kept in secret because of confidentiality agreement(s).

It is a maintenance log not blueprints :face_exhaling:. When you become a user you are the driver and operator of said service “the car”. Not the owner of the car manufacture company. Does that make sense to you?