Bonus crystals not showing up

When I purchased the 3600 crystals for 8000 royal cash I never received the bonus 10% crystals. Its been at least 30 minutes.

Did they end up showing up for you?
I am running into the same issue.

Hello @tommes,

i’m sorry you’re having issues with missing crystals, i would suggest you to contact live support to create a web ticket for the same, you can visit our support by clicking on the link below -

Contact Us | Amazon Games


Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
I contacted support and they were not able to help me and said they will follow up.
It looks like the tool tip of the pack might be confusing as it says “Bonus Crystals will be attained automatically after the purchase of the product.” which I did not receive.
I would be under the assumption the total value would be 3960 Crystals. (3600 + 360 crystals bonus) and I would get the extra 360 crystals right after purchase.


Wish I had seen this before I did the same. According to AGS live support there is still no fix.

After 4 more customer support tickets, I received the missing bonus crystals today after maintenance/weekly reset.
Hope it has been solved across the board and everyone got their bonus crystals. =)