Bonus pack not received

Hi didnt receive any bonus pack at all yet.

Have 3 packs: 1 bronze, 1 gold & 1 plat

Was on Trixion first (where i claimed all my packs)
Then after last night maintenance created a character on Beatrice
But this morning we decided to go back on Trixion as you decided to reopen servers so friends could join us.

But didn’t receive anything yet, even tried to create a new character on Trixion just in case but still nothing sadly =/

Any help please?

its not out yet.

oh okay thanks =)

Hey, @MishaX!

As @Kayhro mentioned, the additional (or bonus) set for founders pack has not arrived yet.

We’ll let you know when they can be redeemed, and they will arrive to the product inventory, so pretty much you can redeem it on any character on any server you choose!

Sorry for the late response but I hope it still helps you with this! :smiley:

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