Bonus packs Wrong Region

So i logged into EU WEST to check what you get for loggin in and now the game has given my level 10 character all the packs including Gold Bronze founder packs and celebration pack i wish tyo have this transfered to my actual Region on EU CENTRAL sent to my character Imzope-Zinnervale i have not claimed the packs yet on the EU West region and i wont claim them on eu west pls fix

So true!
It happened the same to me. Up until now I had all my login packs on hold, as I didn’t want to use the auras until the server is a bit more stable.
However, I logged into EW to check the server, just created a level 10 character and left it in Prideholme. I found strange that I had some gifts on top.
When I went back to my actual region, all of these was gone!
I want it back where it belongs!