Boss mechanics bug

Greeting! It could be imagined as a change that as soon as I go into a guardian raid with any of my characters, like on an argos or a valtan, the first thing for the bosses to look for me in the areas for months and there are always four of us or even eight of them, they don’t even do the mechanics during each fight, but they walk from one side of the area to the other just to hurt my character, it’s not just one or two times, there are and have been hundreds of such cases for months, this ability change it so that if there are more of us, don’t focus on just one person, since there is no tank character in the game, so it would be understandable if you concentrated your damage on everyone, but no, whenever I play with any of my characters, I’m constantly a target, while everyone else just hits and slashes the bosses , it’s very boring and I’m really losing my interest in the game because of this bug in their game, I’d like you to fix this hugely wrong bug as soon as possible!

Hello! Could you type that again but this time in English? I don’t understand, in the Guardian raids you won’t find Valtan or Argos, you talk about the overall aggro, you talk about the aggro taken in certain mechs (counter, pizza, grab…)?

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