Boss-Rush-Box 1375

Me **** this change very up. Have 12 chars. Buyed for 4char char-slot and punkia-pass.
Now i cant open boxes on that 4 chars.
Solution make this boxes not char-bound make them ACCOUNT-BOUND for player can move this boxes on higher char 1430++ and open than. That will be win win.
But atm just PUNISHED a lot of player because of bots. Sorry for my noob english.

(chars – 2x 1493 – 5x 1480 – 1x 1470 – 1x 1370 – 3x 1310)

Bro 1310 to 1375 is like at most 10k per character, with roster of 7x 1460+ I’m sure you can afford that.
2ndly you’re an ass going in BR nowadays with ungeared 1310.

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Am I missing something because getting from 1310 to 1375 is literally nothing if you play normally

Point is i dont want do any mats in that 4x char they are exsitst to farm silver and 1-2x ticket in week for the main chars and NOT different around.

And if AGS do the boxes just setting accound-bound instead of char-bound its no problem. Than bot can take it and normal player just have to move it on high char.

PS: You can send me the mats and gold and time to make the 4x char to 1375 if you want.

My thoughts exactly :thinking:

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How long this ,temorary change" still will stay now ?!

My char now - 6x 1490 - 2x 1480 - 3x 1310

My 3x 1310 stack box over box - when i can open this now - i need the gems

(before crybabys post again uninteresting info and call my i am ass because going whit 1310 in boss rush, i just can say i carry everyone whit the 8x over 1480 eazy and i have 7x the same char-class, so the 1310 have mosty L9 gems and few L7 gem and rush took what 3min and if 4x player whit 1310 are came in a match and that is more than rare, than took it 5min omg what for a assmove)

((sry my noob-english))

This is a very bad idea since BR boxes also drop leapstones and these are suppsed to be bound. Also just hone to 1375 its not that much effort its like 5k and if you use the island leapstone boxes you don’t even need to farm leaps. Anyway dont know why people are complaining abou these minor issues so much while we habe was bigger ones in this game.

OPEN your 1375 Box to those character can open to get gems then sell them to make gold then hone your 1375 below characters to open those box problem solve unless you are one of members of Beep beep boop boop