Boss Rush Chests Lost

I just lost about 20+ boss rush tickets while opening them in batch. I ran 3 times the boss rush, which gives if i’m not wrong 27 chests.
I Clicked to open all of them, but it was slowly opening one by one, like if it was some sort of connection error (server side, not mine, since I was using other apps and also checking my network traffic at the time). Then it froze at 20 or 21, I cant remember, and it wasnt opening any more chests, so i decided to cancel the batch opening and try again later, but when i choose to “cancel it”, the chests just vanished, the amount of gems I had in my inventory wasn’t even close to the amount i was suppode to receive and the chests didnt appear in my mail, inventory, pet inventory or anywhere.

Yes I had my pet on, the connection didn’t drop at any time, but the chests just vanished.

Hey there @Peeter.

I’m sorry to know what happened with your chests.

Due to the nature of the situation, I recommend you to contact us via support ticket, so our team can look into your game logs and determine what happened and what can be done to assist you.

I hope this can get solved, for anything else let us know. Stay safe!