Boss Rush, Cube etc. hotfix

Will “some in-game zones and activities” be available any time soon ?

We expect this hotfix to come into the next day or two, hopefully!

uhh day or two? what exactly is the issue?

Moving this thread from the French part of the forum to the English-speaking “Game feedback” category, thank you! :slight_smile:

Can we get some updates on this ongoing issue? @Roxx

They told us that they’re working on getting a hotfix out to fix it in the next couple of days. What else are you wanting to know?

Any word yet on a fix for this?

This content has been disabled globally in all versions of the game after an issue was found where tickets for this content were not being properly consumed. The team is working on a hotfix for it that we hope to have before the weekend, but we will let you know when it arrives.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile: