Boss Rush Entrance Ticket Selection

No one went on your post bashing people like you do. If it happens, it happens, if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. So why do you need to add your comments that do nothing for anyone? Weirdo af

Lol, you’re way too emotional about something like losing a few boss rush tickets. Get over yourself

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You have more hours on the forums than you do in-game. You ok?

I have a clip while I was streaming on discord, and I haven’t been able to post it. I deliberately went to the tower and made sure that I had chosen the right ticket, and got the wrong one instead after attempting to do a boss rush. So while there might be some people who made a mistake, I know for SURE that I didn’t, so I’m not going to say “I just fucked up.”

Not true lol. Why would you make up something you can’t prove? Way too emotional🤣

Lol didn’t post my responses that were joking. So you’re taking something out of context lol

100% clicked for boss rush tier 3 and it gave me all tier 2 tickets. There is no value in me running t2 tickets on my t3 character. Sent in a support ticket they basically told me to fuck off. I got frustrated and deleted the tickets which I now regret but you can very easily check my logs.
Server: Una
Name: Fake


So emotional

You’re obsessed with me aren’t you? Lol

Yes, you are the only one I care about in life.

There is value in tier 2 tickets, sorry you got emotional and made two mistakes in a row.

Well you could’ve used them for quick weekly aswell as guild Quests. I have the same Problem, ima just keep mine for it.

The amount of t3 gems and leapstones in those tickets are too much for me to let go just like that. I’m not interested in “horizontal progression” and missing out on 3 boss rush runs is atleast 10k gold value in the dumpster fire economy we have right.


I understand that. I myself am only playing with half a heart anymore. There is no point in forcing something thatll be easier one day for me. Its whatever. I am 1376 and just doing casual daily stuff anymore, lost ark lost my interest in grinding

Accidently chose the t2 ticket instead of t3. Absolute pain.


AGS support is a absolute joke. Even pearl abyss and Kakao games had a more pro player game support and their games are designed to prey on the player. That’s absolutely mind boggling to me.

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Same issue

Server: Wei
Character : Mory

So many people chose t2 instead of t3 and the feeling of making this mistake is horrible!

Server: Valtan West
Character: Jeffthis

Glad I was not the only one. I too have t2 tickets.

Server: Karta
Character: Graslritter