Boss Rush kick (premades maybe?)

Hey Guys,
i just did Boss Rush like always. queue’d up per matchmaking and played normally with my 1370 Deathblade alt. A few stages in i got warned by 2 People who both were from Asta, shortly afterwards the 3rd Person warned me. ( no in game chat whatsoever)
Very shortly after the 3rd warning i got kicked

Now my boss rush ticket is gone. I messaged the amazon support and they just said that they cant to anything.
Now im here. luckily i instantly went and made a screenshot in the hope to get something out of it.


Absolutely crazy experience, so sorry you had to go through that, youre brave for coming forward. Thank you for sharing your story!

the support just said the only thing i can do is report them. since im not on that server i cant do anything about it. on top of that we have no thing like inven like they do in korea.
is it maybe possible for people to report them that are from EUC Asta/Thirain?

Since you have the screenshots, you can report them on the website link the CMs have provided for people to report others. You can reference their ign and which servers they’re on to have a more precise report if you hope for any action to be taken against them while providing your screenshots/experience.

weird that you took that picture before… are you sure you weren’t toxic?

ppl are so weird… why would someone do this xD

i got warned by the 2 from asta. i instantly knew that something like this would happen now. i didnt write anything neither did i do emotes.
i just did my dmg i didnt afk or anything. so yea im pretty sure. or else i prob wouldnt go this way and post something public.

slowly losing faith in humanity… the little rest of it that is remaining

It says in the screenshot that you warned at least 2 of them. I’m assuming this was before you got kicked, since you are still there. Was there a reason for this?

i warned them right after they warned me. why would i warn people without a reason? also i solo queue’d so i couldnt expect to kick them instead. it was right before i got kicked by them.

also my msg box is on guild and i didnt even type in there for the last 5-10 minutes

i warned them and instantly took a screenshot

An unpleasant experience. Not everyone is like that. There are bad people. there’s nothing to do . Just ignore and continue sorry about your card

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