Boss Rush Tickets: Good Customer Service Bad Customer Support

So as we know on the First of April, we were given Ticket Boxes.
I made an honest but stupid mistake, thinking it was Cube Ticket vs Boss Rush Ticket.
So I ended up with 3 t2 boss rush tickets on my t3 character.
If I was able to move them to my alts, sure no problem.
But because I am unable to, now I am stuck with 3 useless tickets.

Decided to send a message to AGS Support to see if I can resolve this issue.
Since I come from other MMOs and other online games, where mistakes like this happen.
With a ticket and a few messages to support issues like this get gets resolved, and items get swapped/ deleted and remailed.

However, when I interacted with AGS Support, I am unable to switch it.
I understand that people can potentially take advantage of issues like this, where they pick the wrong outfit from the Outfit Box we got because they did not like what they chose and wanted to swap.

But my situation is kind of different. Whereas I am just losing out here because of an honest mistake. Like yes, it’s my fault, but I honestly believe if the game has good customer service they should be able to help with this situation.

Here’s my message to AGS, your guys at support have great service. The person I interacted with was a really nice guy, doing the best they could to help. However, I believe there should be some system changes, regarding how to help players. Mistakes like this will happen and can easily happen, most items look the same, and there is no hard confirmation before accepting anything.

In preparation for the future, you guys need to think of a way to approach problems like this, because when other games can easily resolve issues like this and you guys cannot. It will leave a sour taste in your customer’s mouth. Do understand that this service should not be taken advantage of. There can be rules such as only once every X months, or only for certain situations such as these, were when you picked the wrong item you gain 0 benefits from it.

Hopefully, my message gets to AGS and maybe helps them improve their service even more. Enjoy the game a lot, been waiting for a very long time for this game to be released in NA. I wish the best for AGS and Smilegates and would want them to succeed with Lost Ark. And I believe one of their next steps is to have a great support system and customer service.

Let me know down below who else made the same mistake as me cause we didn’t read properly or assumed the wrong thing LOL.


Totally agree.
To answer ur last question
IMO The problem is that it seems that the support doesn’t really have any rights on the game (probably a delocalized support for cost reasons) so they can’t do anything but send problems to the “real” support

Exactly the same for me.

I thought it was Cube vs Boss Rush.

And now im sitting on 3 useless T2 boss rush tickets. Full tilt no motivation to play.


Same position, I will take the blame but somehow didn’t even consider that there was a T2 vs T3 option. My brain assumed it was just going to be the highest level. I didn’t even realize I was selection one or the other, looked at like one of the random selection chests and just hit open; so I must have selected T2.

This just hurts bad, was waiting for 3x boss rush all month and losing this is a tremendous push forward on gems/masterpieces/stones.

Feels like a real bad April fools joke


It definitely seems that the CS team is not given enough authority to resolve common issues that in past MMOs I’ve played would have no problem getting addressed.

Basically, if solving a problem would involve touching your inventory in any way, it is off the table, full stop, nothing can be done.

It is true that the vast majority of issues of this nature come down to player error, but that isn’t necessarily sufficient reason for the support system to just wipe their hands of the matter, if only because that requires you to just write off the people that truly had no fault for the issue, like a game crash.

People say that allowing CS to assist with this sort of matter will get them bogged down dealing with these requests, but whether or not you allow CS to assist, they will get tickets about this, and they will have to respond to those tickets. And when a customer gets a negative response to an inquiry, they are likely to resubmit and have to get another response. A reasonable policy isn’t going to significantly slow down how fast tickets get resolved, but it will make it much more likely for the customer being satisfied with the result.

I’ve mostly only played subscription based MMOs, so maybe that is skewing my perception. But while WoW did take steps to reduce the impact of these sorts of requests on their support staff, they never really fully wiped their hands of it. They didn’t just say, “we won’t deal with item restoration requests anymore”, they made a tool for players to do it themselves without bothering CS, and mostly let you refund things after purchase within a 2 hour window. They didn’t just say “we won’t get involved with reassigning loot anymore”, they gave a 2 hour window for loot to be tradable.

With WoW, I always felt like I could probably get a resolution if I wasn’t trying to be scammy or take advantage with the system. With Lost Ark, I get the impression that if the problem isn’t 100% caused by developer error from every angle, I’ll be out of luck.

Hey @Lyon @Sapphiron

I accidently openned my Boss Rush tickets in my T1 Alt instead of my T3 main. Can you transfer it to the right character for me please?

Region: SA
Server: Kazeros
Char: Darkmatter (main)

Currently the ticket is on my Alt Berserker Darkaltzerk

Prolly not, Support isn’t here to help anyone apparently :man_shrugging: