Boss Rush Trolling

So tonight while running my Boss Rush ticket, I was immediately warned, then a player in the group stated he thought I was a bot and warned me. I replied how did he/she figure that and received no response. We cleared the first stage then I was warned two more times all while playing the game. We continued to clear the stages and once we cleared stage 14 I was kicked from the instance. Needless to say I lost my boss rush ticket and an extremely frustrated.

Has anyone else had this happen to them.

That’s unfortunate. I’d report them. It’s really bad behaviour. If you report someone and it’s not legit the person doing the report should be penalised. This is why we need moderators in game. SG are financially good… Amazons worth billions. I don’t understand why they cant hire live human moderates in game and more staff in customer service. This is a must for any mmo. Anyway, I think it’s best to put it behind you. We all encounter toxic childish players in game from time to time. I just don’t respond to their behaviour and just leave the duty.

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