Boss Rush x3 Please (upvote)

Can we have boss rush x3 like cube please?


How would you ever have enough Boss Rush tickets to justify using it?

I mean, its pretty difficult just to get 2 a week, both of which you need to use individually. So you would need to have 4 in your possession in a week to do this.


yes please, I have about 50 and cba to run them. what a waste of precious time.

roughly calculated 2per week per character nets (for me) at least 34pc a 5 min each 3hrs of unnecessary waste of time each week - the ones from the bloodstones not factored in

I barely get 1 per week if I am lucky 2 on my main… damn

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Same, I feel the pain.

If you rarely do them because you don’t care about leaps then it isn’t that hard to have enough. Some of my alts have around 20 boss rush tickets and I often don’t even bother to do them when there is a guild task.
Why not? I joke you not, but I get really sleepy after 3-4 of them in a row. This content is giga boring, especially when you have someone oneshotting everything, but you don’t want to AFK or you might get vote kicked. It would have been better if there were more tiers of boss rush, but AFAIK Korea only now got next one and it is for 1580?

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I can’t imagine NOT running these every week on every character.

The gems are just worth WAAAAAAY too much. You can’t seriously not be doing these right?

You get a lvl 4 and lvl 3 gem every boss rush. So every 3 you get a lvl 5 gem. 9 gets you a lvl 6.


Why don’t you have the guild task every week? Your guild should re-roll every week to ensure you get the Boss Rush.

The only 3 generally worth having are boss rush, cube, and hazardous waters.

Wait until pugs start requiring lvl 9+ gems along with 5x3+1 engravings for clown.

You will get em done


I’m in solo guild and must have forgot you can re-roll those. Guess I can finally get 5lvl shop research next week. :partying_face:

Anyway, back on topic, I do remember that previous director said something along the lines that it would hurt economy or sth (I guess bigger supply of gems) so they won’t do it.

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That would be so much xp wasted.


You must have all your gems leveled to 10 by now I guess? Lucky you! Everybody else doing BRs next second they get a ticket.

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Techtus, everybody else might not run 6 sup in their main roster - all being between 1445 and 1490.
And no, they don’t run L10 gems because having abt. 6 L6 CD gems is more than enough.
And yes, I do not need the gold - I generate way more that I can spend rationally…

The whole topic is not about not running them - or that I do not see the point for others in running them - the reasoning is, that you can just run them with a single ticket, the content is boring and takes up between 5-7min of my precious time. (yeah, point taken - what does not eat up time in this grind :slight_smile: )

oh, and last but not least. I so absolutely do not care about generating leapstones on my other eleven 1370+ toons - almost all have at least thousands(sic!) of them.

Please elaborate further, why I should waste 2/3 of the time one could save compared to running cubes (3x)?

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I think the requests is for alts. I don’t really care about completing the two weekly una task for boss rush on my alt. I just want the gem rewards.

I don’t even understand why its the cube which has the x3 entry )) each cube entries you have has chance for multiple gold room. So basically you are skipping on them. While Boss Rush doesn’t have any secret room and we can’t x3 them. I cannot think that this is bad design. I think it’s intended

I like the idea of boss rush X3 but you get less chances to farm exp though but you save more time. I guess that’s the only drawback from this if you want to level your alts.

Why not? Its a ton of bloodstones from your guild that you can use on your alt to buy stuff.

I believe this was already discussed but voted against . Possibly due to ‘biz intelligence’

Yes they pile up on alts
I have 70x unused among all my alts
I don’t want to spend 12+ hours to finish them all

But why stop at x3
Why not just have the ability to use all at once?

In case you haven’t known, those bloodstones aren’t roster shared.