Boss Rush x3 Please (upvote)

Emm what??? I have 12 t3 alts and I do boss rush on every single one of them whenever it drops. Why? Because gems are gold. A lot of gold. Not to mention the leap stones/xp/roster. Y’all crazy.

“LA respects player’s time” - some streamer

I have limited time to play weekdays just to login for reward to 2hr. it’s just a pile and 1-2 times a month i do some of it and i just do that for a day 1-2hr of playtime.

If you pay for it.

I have like 5 per character, i only run the amount i need to get una tokens and don’t touch the rest, is boring asf, 10 or 7 stones per week don’t worth the time

First off, rude. :frowning:

I didn’t say I play all of them everyday. (I play them on rested x2.)I said, I use my boss rush ticket as soon as I see it drop.

I play 6 characters. Its not hard to do 2 BR a day and alternate through them.

Like I said before, if you want L7+ gems, its the only way to do it beyond paying outrageous gold for them.

So what is your point? You said “because gems are gold”, but if they made 3x boss rush available (x3 the reward), you’ll still get the same amount of gems per run where leapstone/xp is not important for alts.

I don’t understand the thought that leapstones aren’t important on alts. Eventually you are going to want to push that 1370 alt to 1430 for the increased gold income.

Doing a 2x weekly BR is more important on an alt than doing guardian raids. The leapstones are about the same, everything else the guardian drops is trash, but the BR gems are straight up gold.

Oh, 2x BR is half the time of 2x yoho also…

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At the speed i’m pushing my alts (3 at 1415, and 7 currently at 1385) they all have between 200-700 extra bound leapstones. I usually do daily una tasks and boss rush weekly on the alt I want to push next.

When people get more alts, it does get tedious to do x1 on all of them, especially support alts where I tend to leech.

I don’t understand most of people here who disagree.
If is not viable for you, just don’t check the box, and do 1 by 1. Otherwise not all here want to spend hours doing 50+ BR because you have more alts. And not all have time for all.


Yeah, crazy if you think about it. Like do they even have 18 chars that they do dailies on without rested + do all abyssal dungeons for legendary cards? So suboptimal if they don’t.

Because I also have alts at 1385, 1415. You know what? 500-600, even 1k greaterleap is nothing. You’ll burn through those in no time. It takes about 800-900 stones to get from 1370-1415. You do not have “a lot” of stones on your alts. Probably not as much as you’d wish you had. All of mine have over 1k as well.

If you wanna keep your legion on alts viable, you’ll need to eventually get them to 1490 for the new materials.

I also never said you couldn’t or shouldn’t have the option to use 3 at once for BR. I said, I never have 3 at a time because I use them as soon as I get them.

Not all my alts are level 60. Most of them are level 59. This is a huge chunk of free xp with the bonus and a lot of gold. .

Im stuck with over 10+ BRT on each char and I’m way to lazy to spend 3 min for each of one…

Well I need the gems but still a pain

Note I don’t disagree with the idea, but I disagree that you should have ever gotten yourself into the position to need it…and I suspect SG agrees with me…hence no option for this. If you want the gems, run BR like they intend…twice a week per character, every single week.

Cube has a x3 option because they have about a 3x droprate and it takes about 3x as long as BR…and the main profit item (leg books) don’t really have a significant drop increase from you doing x3 (0.1% x3 = 0.3%…still pretty small).

I suspect there is pretty much zero chance they ever allow the massive influx of gems into the economy a x3 BR would allow in. There are probably way too many people like OP who refuse to run BR like they intend you to do…and so are stuck with lots of tickets. Its by design…you either spend your time to get the gems…or you don’t. They have balanced BR around this just like they have balanced Cube around higher drop rates and a x3 run option (Cube isn’t worth doing at less than x3)

If you have time to log onto every character every day to get the free bloodstones and to run 2 chaos gates twice a week on each of them…you have time to run 2 boss rushes.

My advice? Start running it like they intend. Burn your extra tickets down by doing 3 a week. Enjoy the single greatest reliable profit per minute spent in the entire game



Addition. If I have a Guild Quest for Cube and or boss rush and I complete a x3 Run, let it count x3 for the guild Quests please.

Wbr. shnoopx

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While we’re at it can we have 2x chaos dungeon and 2x guardian raid? Kekw

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if you use them as you get them you could make the same argument for cube, and yet cube has the option. plenty of people cannot be fucked doing boss rush and they just accumulate on the character. one of mine had 14 until recently, now around 7.

I will +1 in favor of this idea.

Also please change those cube tickets to give full 3x rewards as well. Cube is the most boring, uninspiring event out there. I literally fall asleep doing it. One of my alts has about 30 cube tickets and I haven’t had time to touch them. I am sure many players will agree. There are more fun things we like to do in this game instead of doing cube all day.

yes, maybe we need more upvotes on this.