Boss Rush x3 Please (upvote)

This has already been directly asdressed by the head developer and said “it isnt going to happen” as he feels itd mess up yhe gem economy.

My opinion is it wouldnt but its not happening

won’t happen since add or modify stuff for non-event will be on kr version before here so maybe post this on invent. AGS can’t decide on these things, it’s SG.

2x Chaos Dungeon or 2x Guardian would be fire tho, since I’m going to burnout running 8 chars trough this stuff everyday.

3x Bossrush is indeed a cool idea aswell

this is never gonna happen goldriver said no at this moment maybe with a futur rework of boss rush

Maybe this is your sign to take a step back. I’m not saying you should quit and/or touch grass, just take it easy and don’t let it affect your health and mental wellbeing.

Lmao tbh if you need this feature you’re playing the game wrong. :joy:

Maybe you are the crazy one for playing 168 hours a week…

no one needs this, I hardly ever get 2 tix on 1 char, sure you play 6 alts you are bound to get some tix across your chars but I never ever have more than 2 cause if I have them I do them Unas…

I touch grass more then you my friendo, but yea took a step back just do my weekly raids and on 3 chars on rest bonus my dailies.

Healthy >>>>

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if people want it, they should added it, personally I prefer launch them 1 by 1 but if there’s the box to go with 3 tickets, that can give a choice to people.
Make it too for Guardians raids :smiley:

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just because you don’t get tickets does not mean no one needs this, talk for yourself and not for everyone, I have alts who have 10+ tickets I want this x3/1 run !! And chaos is not the only way to get them.


we also need some x10 for cube as well, go tlike 50 and i hate doing these with passion.
x3 for Bossrush needs to happen

x10 nah man, 3x are fine, I got tons stacked on my alts aswell lol