Bot aside , so why cheater allowed?

and ppl ask why so many f2p 1490 recently lol


someone get into their discord and tell those cheaters to list the stones at 1g already.
joke aside this is actually nuts lol

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Those are most likely bound if they’re Botting chaos dungeons to be fair lol

I saw the guardian stones and was like “thats not that unreasonable” then I saw the chaos dungeon currency… HOLY SHIT lol… thats insane…

yeah 170k , jesus how can they go on for so long w/o getting banned

makes sense now, f2ps reaching 1490 with free programs

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That’s just inhuman (irony intended). I did them when prices were good a while ago and maybe hit like 10k lol… and I thought I was tryharding.

The chinese streamers have been botting it live for months to 1490 and they never got banned, so?


so are you saying this cheap cheats/programs are harder to crack than EAC itself?! wow

U should at least cross out the discord link because u are basically giving them free advertisement tbh

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I’ll be honest here. The more people that do it the more likely they are to fix the issue. Its like an abusable bug in another game, when people make it public it gets fixed much quicker.

They can literally just remove the drops for leapstones, destruction and guardian stones from it tho. There’s no reason for it to drop those mats since it’s so abusable

yeah hope they do this

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i take it from a facebook group , i was try report some of rmt that post name but mod doesnt care lol

maybe we should all just start botting until they do something

It’s weird how they have a 99 limit on the inf chaos stuff when I don’t think anyone legit actually manages to buy all that before the end of the week. Should probably reduce it.

I was totally thinking about grinding chaos shards to swap for solar stones. And it took me about 5-6 runs to buy one, after that i realized their price is increasing every time you buy one i scrapped that idea. But seeing this image i totally feel like a donkey.

it’s not the major issue.real player cant get in game because of queue. This dungeon cheats , will be very very future to deal with , they aint got time for this.AGS is mainly taking care of the bots issues now.

give download link pls

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by the time they done with bot those abuser alr 1620 lol