Bot Banwave [SEP 22]

I believe there is a bot banwave that is happening as there is a steep drop in CCU.

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you can only hope that is a ban wave


before becoming banwawe it was already hovering between 200k players and there are still 140k players i think these are not legit playaers at least all of them

SOrry but u are wrong
I did check the game stats for the past week and its impossible there is 100k players online from 1 AM to 5 AM
I just DO NOT believe that
Then u start looking at stats from 10 am - its 120 k players
So i believe there is 100k bots in Lost Ark and 20k Real players

Yeah, this has been happening every Thursday/Friday for a while now, they do banwaves. However, bots come back next day on Friday, so not many notice this, and same story till next Thursday.

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Or legit players are leaving?

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Where did the idea that the actual player count online is what it is after a new patch drops come from

So New World > Lost Ark


You can tell bot ban waves are happening when you see fishing prices go up.

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it seems to be true, the blue crystal price already exceeds Korea

I don’t know about bots, but something might have been banned.

Price of green flowers went 5. It’s nearly always been 3. Honing book prices have increased a lot.

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Ayyy I always buy a few stacks here and there. Here’s to hoping for a rise so I can dump a couple thousand.

Using time ranges doesn’t work to well. Reason is regions. 1 to 5am NA is 7-1pm EU and later.

Usually a GOOD indicator of actual legit players is right after maintenances that have updates as bots have to update their software and patch their games.

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Nowadays 50-60k concu players seems a legit number and i think its enough to make AH and matchmaking working
My guess is that we will be not that much for Brel at the end of the year ^^’

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Hahahaha I love how small minded people can be. “Because its 1 AM to 5 AM where i live, no one is playing” you know theres another region playing this game? I think they call it Europe.

The thing is, 1 AM to 5 AM FOR YOU. If you leave in NA, or EU, it goes both ways.

1am to 5am CEST? PST? EST
If your talking 1am PST then that’s like 9am GMT/10am CEST
if your talking 1am CEST then your talking 5pm PST

I swear people look at that Steamcharts LOA graph every day just like those crypto and NFT “experts” when trying to find patterns on their graphs just to justify their investment in some shitcoin.

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That’s unfortunate. Now how am I going to get enough real people to create extra channels for me to get free rapport items for vitameows