Bot Battle : Locking the servers

What are people’s thoughts on going back to locked servers?

Please no flaming, hating just thoughts on negative vs positive outcomes.

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Lock servers and start manual ban. Unlock servers at a later date.


Like locking them from having new people make characters?

Limit Character Creation for while xD

I don’t feel like there are many new players coming into the game anyway. I don’t have any real data to back that up. I’m basing that off of matchmaking being slow for certain content. It’s basically impossible to do any of the story line dungeons in a group on my server.

Wouldn’t bother me if they locked them.

They lock the servers in other regions, to prevent new character creations, and manually ban bots and when they decrease the bot population they open the server for new users to come in and rinse and repeast.

I only ask, because Amazon is not winning this war on bots. The only feasible way that wont hurt current players is locking the server until they figure out what really is the best options moving forward.

yeah anyway who’d start playing a p2w timegated game like lost ark 3month later

As someone who plays on Mari, which is plagued by bots, I really don’t think this would help much. AGS has already been reducing server capacity to “deal” with the bot issue, but all this has done was make our queues worse than ever, our loading screens longer, and create horrendous server lag. Closing the server may stop some new bots from getting created, but isn’t going to impact the ridiculous number of bots already plaguing our server. And even if they close it, come down with the ban hammer, then reopen, the bots will just come back within a week (like they did after the last mass ban).

I also don’t think a locked server has a good appearance to a new player (if those even exist at this point), and will also prevent people we may know from joining us in the game, if they so choose to start playing. I already experienced this once on Mari, and was worried my friends wouldn’t get to play. Thankfully they did, but I don’t feel a repeat is needed.

Can’t spend money if you can’t log in. Guess AGS like losing money from whales haha…

Do it do it do it

and how does this prevent the bots right now to anoy the full server … Or the legit player to use chaos scripts …

I feel like this idea could work but it would hurt new people wanting to play the game

Bear in mind that locking servers does nothing unless you lock the entire region.

Sounds like a better idea than what they are currently doing. At this point I dont think they have anything to lose.

sure lock servers, give players a way to verify themselves as legit players (tie rl credentials to acct), give verified players 5 friend invites to their server initially and 1 more per month after that. if you don’t want to verify you don’t have to.