Bot bot and Bot, game for bot

we have 8k load …omg , sever Shandi
Why don’t we use phone number verification, each account can only use one phone number, it will be easy to ban Bot


yup totally agree like this was the worst state of bot that i ever see @OminousOnion


Hello, I do see your tags. As for an answer, bots still remain top priority for the team. Here’s the most recent post from Roxx on the matter. It’s an ongoing battle.


are you sure that BOTS are the top priority and not destroying the gaming experience for real players?
i mean how would you explain the VPN ban otherwise?


So far, the biggest issue is they made it harder for bots to get gold, so they have to work even harder to get the gold levels they need to support the RMT demand.

The issue is, AGS has made it far harder for the bots to get their gold, so they need MORE bots and need them to run LONGER.

They have actually only exacerbated the bot problem with all the “fixes” they have done…because the “fixes” weren’t “fixes” at all.


Ch 32 LOL: (And they keep coming and going, coming and going)


thats all 60+ channels, folks


Even if they publicly announced that they were going to take the GM route (which would just push bots to find ways to keep from being out in the open) they wouldn’t be able to implement it as fast as people want them to.

It’s starting to feel like Amazon (the main company) is taking away server priority from AGS, and this is the result.

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Same man, I haven’t played the game since 3 days ago cause of the long queue, I’d rather play another game instead. Looking around the forums trying to see whether they have fixed it but apparently not, so I guess I’m taking a break until they fixed this.


I’m starting to think that AGS is getting shafted by Amazon, and that they’re victims of Amazon’s shit as well.

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i guess im just saying that if you have no solution, the best one is the most visible.

I don’t get it why everyone argues about VPN. LONG BEFORE Lost Ark, LONG BEFORE any bot problems or whatever it was against ToS from steam. It was against the ToS of steam since I can remember!!! Why are people complaining that they used something that was AGAINST ToS but got away with it and now that they do something against it (which they could have from the beginning) and people complain … I don’t get it.

And before you ask, YES I am also affected by it and YES I am also one of those who now needs to see what he does. And YES I think I am a lucky bastard for being able to use for that long.

You wonder why? people are upset not because the VPN ban, we dont care at all, we do care is that the VPN ban only affect the real players NOT botters, so what’s the point? Such a silly move. understand?


It clearly has affected bots and not a small amount. But it also showed how much profit they see/make to nearly directly find a way of countering it.

And I know what you mean and you are right but I see it different.

Banning something that was not allowed from the beginning (in this case VPN) solved a part of the problem. It hasn’t solved it in a whole but that was clear from the start. And you can’t argue that they don’t see it/do anything! And I can completely understand that they want a way that is effective in the long run not short. Hiring multiple people to manually ban would be something that helps for a short time but not forever. Starting with VPN and going on to implement systems that ban/get rid of most of the bots in the long run is way smarter even if it means to loose a part of the Playerbase.

And you should also agree that the people who like Lost Ark (no matter the reason/no matter the circumstances) will keep playing.

Losing people that leave after less than 4 month because of that are something you need to consider/be aware of. Those who know what comes/is ahead of them or like what they have will stay, and those are the people that create a foundation, a Playerbase that changes are efficient for.

We are talking about a game that is out for less than 4 months, I think everyone should calm down and give them the time they need.

Until you deploy HUMAN resources to tackle this your legit paying customers wont be able to get into the game on saturday and will eventually quit.


hmmm ToS from steam? But fps game in steam and dota allowed use vpn also new world xD, as long not change real IP and hide, I havent see case they banned or block vpn. Why? Because its need for optimize our latecy and packet loss which give effect to game experience. I have play other game never see they block vpn except vpn make changes ur IP and I havent see any queue different after they banned vpn still have long queue.

Okay I actually don’t know if you have written a joke or mean it?

Like a VPN - no matter which one - does one thing for sure and ALWAYS. It connects you to a server and relay’s the connection to you. That means that with no VPN that is existing you keep YOUR IP that is referring to YOUR connection. That is the whole point in a VPN!! Be it to get a connection to a server to reduce ping/lag or to simply be anonymous in the net. NO MATTER WHY a VPN will always block/hide/change your IP.

And don’t tell me about the dedicated IPs some provider give you. It is still not YOUR IP it will always be the same IP but not from you …

And it was, is and will be against the ToS of steam if you believe it or not. Only because of the fact that there are multiple situations where they haven’t done something against it doesn’t mean they allow it …

EDIT: and it is definitely not NEEDED to have a good ping or connection. Gladly not!!! It may be needed in some places/with some ISP but definitely not in generell.

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Amazon keep going you’re doing great, your game is so popular among bots


I usually jump on for an hour before going to work. Doesn’t look like I am going to get on at all this morning. :frowning:

Personally, I wouldn’t mind having to complete a captcha every now and then or something. Could even design it into the game like an NPC asking a random question or something. Or even paying a small subscription or something. I don’t have the magic answer but at this point I wouldn’t mind a slight intrusion on the game to get the bot issue solved. A little bit of AI could probably weed out a fair amount of the activity in their behaviour. Then with a few challenges it could be confirmed. Also, it wouldn’t have to be through the whole game cause if you weed them out early game, they couldn’t make it to the later levels (except by buying jumps and such).