Bot bot and Bot, game for bot

you know AGS is Amazon Game Studios… right?



How useful is the in-game report feature? Are in-game reports actually leveraged? Is it useful to your team for a player that is watching bots march through Vern to stop and report handfuls of them?

Is the text detail that we are asked to include in the in-game reporting actually read or leveraged? If it is read and leveraged - what is the most helpful information for us to include in this field? Is there some means for players to do mass reporting (example: like with a lasso tool to circle all of the offending and piled up bots)? That is - if mass reporting would be helpful to you and your team.

Is there something that would be more helpful that we could include in the report text field? If so, can you please provide us with an example of “useful reporting that will guarantee action against bots/spammers” ?

Are you and your team evaluating the constantly filled up blocked players’ lists as part of your crack down efforts? Have you given any consideration to increasing the size of the blocked player list? Blocking 100 spammers easily fills up within a week, or less.

Have you considered giving real players moderator-lite powers? Or perhaps even stealth moderator-lite powers (stealth meaning that the player is a good candidate for tracking/reporting and has been identified by the dev team, but hasn’t necessarily been disclosed to the player him/herself)? It might be a useful means of punting bots out of the game world if you can establish a verified trust with certain players who consistently report, and do so with the truest intentions.

Are you and your team adding a means of easily reporting in-game mail spammers? Currently the in-game mail UI has no means of easily clicking to report and/or block.

Have you considered some simple solutions, like simply moving NPCs and island exit points on a weekly basis? Or incorporating a CAPTCHA mini-game of some kind?

Thank you for reading, and considering this post. I hope that you will attempt to answer some of these questions. I report bots like a fiend. But I really struggle with it since I am not sure if my reporting is actually accomplishing anything good.


Here’s an idea, force users to only have access to their region. US servers shouldn’t be affected by bots when most of them are in Korea. Let their region deal with these kinds of players.

VPNs defeat that. VPNs, and other means of spoofing. All that one has to do is use a spoofing or VPN service such that their outgoing IP is a US IP.

+1 to implement multi-factor authentication. MFA helps in so many ways.


Source: “Trust me”

I would like to vote for

  1. Disable gold trade from mail/trade > Monitor AH, since the game already keep track of the trade history.

  2. Adding phone verification.

  3. Turn off character creation for awhile


Why your sound is like a 10y old kid? Im sorry but seems like u just want to point what u have like a kid , many people know the rules of tos , if u dont know why steam did put vpn in tos , letme clear for u , cuz many people’s start to change thier countery to buy games with lower price , what about ags? Thier vpn ban effect will be on real players , do u know , and u say they did a good job? Some server have +70k que , im sorry what? They did make that harder for bot? Well u even think about this? Bot ( is not human ) when ur sleep , that bot will stay online, that is not harder…pls if u wana repeat ur shits , dont replay to me thanks.

U keep point tos tos , seems like u never pass rule’s in rl , and now u wana keep stay in the rule in a onlie game…

You think it’s as simple as “Just link phone number”…???

My man there are tons of workarounds for that. I don’t think you understand the lengths people that bot will go to make their money…because it’s good good money, especially those in eastern countries.

But no it’s not that simple.

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If they wana stop bots , its simple put minimum price for ech item at ah + Close trading gold/ valuable item like bdo did , with other way u will just stop real players not bots.

There are SO MANY things wrong about your comment that I won’t even try to answer. I’ll highlight my favorite:

“… 70k+ que …” - :rofl:

Bye and btw in my personal opinion, please quit and never come back :wink:



welcome to Botark


300K bots leeching bandwidth 24/7, I would be limiting the server if i was them.

you think bot owners cant use spoofers? lol


Where did all of these images come from? How are they able to operate so many instances at the same time? Are they running custom compiled game clients?

If custom compiled game clients is the issue, can they not fix it by requiring a special client encryption or checksum key, and then check said key when the player attempts to authenticate with the game servers?

This should be your ONLY priority at this point. Nobody cares about new content if they can’t even log in to play it. By all accounts this should be your number one and only fire to put out atm, everything else can come after imo.



I would like to know which one is wrong.

So im wrong, i dont need even send a prove , other people are sended befor.

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@Hellish That wasn’t my worst.


I’ve given up of complaining through the game about the bots, every day it just gets worst and worst, the more you try and report them the more that seem to appear the next day. It is really disappointing that this game is being ruined by a computer program. @Roxx