Bot check is absolutely atrocious

Do you folks at Amazon Games have 2 brain cells to rub together? You have an island quest in this game that requires a person to stand in one place and smack a piece of ice until it has exactly 1 hp, and you have the audacity to put a botcheck (action restricted for suspicious activity, please move to restore function) in place for it. Are you really going to pretend that if bots were a large deal to you, you would start with the 1000+ beserkers in Arthentine, Vern, Luterra, etc that all follow the same path, take the same actions (farm, fish), and have exactly the same gear, instead of harassing players participating in the most lame, unfun mechanic in the game? One that no one wants to do anyway? Ya’ll should really get it together before you start losing even more of your (actual) player base and have nothing but bots left.

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