Bot in Chaos Dungeon Matching

Server: NA East Avesta
Character Name: Pepperrrwort

Just used Matching in Punika Level 2 Moon Chaos dungeon with rest bonus. There was a bot berserker in our group who would stay dead near by the entrance and won’t vote to go to the next stage. The party members and I tried to warn the bot but whenever we clicked the warn button the system would print out ‘Warning failed. The player is in an invalid area.’ Now I lost my rest bonus as well as my aura of resonance along with the gold stage. I want my aura of resonance and rest bonus back.

I wish you would stop playing in parties, I know it’s more fun, but what happened to you is the reason why it’s better to go alone than in bad company, I always do my chaos dungeons alone, because there are many bots in the dungeons of chaos. You just have to run in circles and gather all the mobs and when they are together activate AOE skills and easily kill all or most of them depending on your character’s dps, that has been the best way to avoid bots or enter with players you only know , because bots will always exist unless they put a system in which the new player chooses a server, then the game sends that player to a temporary server, after the antishit checks the new player and determines that he is not a bot, already transfers it to the server the player chose earlier. That would be the only solution to nullify all the bots and erase these problems or at least most of them.
Also the leader of your group could use the option to expel that member of the party, I think that option comes out in the chaos dungeon and everyone must vote only.

Hello @JOHN64 and @Pepperrr,

We understand that bots are very frustrating and that’s why we work hard every day to combat these situations and we appreciate you taking the time to report this to us, I will make sure to pass this feedback to the correct people.

Here there is a post on the forums made by one of our Community Managers regarding the actions taken so far:

Thank you so much you two and please have a nice day! :sparkles:

Yeah lol I’ve been soloing chaos dungeon since release until today I decided to queue for party play. It was my bad that I suddenly decided to party for chaos dungeon for the first time but it was surprising to encounter a T3 berserker bot in chaos dungeon right after being in a party with a sorceress bot in Oreha Preveza Normal. The voting also didn’t work because the warning did not work for other party members too.