Bot is helping with leg engraving cost!

Clearly it brings down the cost of legendary book like grudge by a ton. By the time they give out 1415 pass we will have 1k grudge book available.


Grudge isn’t even the top book anymore. Its <8500 on USE.

Under 5k on NAW

Ah yes bots causing grudge books to drop a bit in value while driving gold prices through the roof. There is no situation where bots help the game overall.


They have caused grudge books and orange honing books to tank, to the extent that it is worth buying the honing books to hone from +6 to +7 with bound mats.

And have you seen the gold price going up almost daily? NAW was hovering around 600 at one point and people complained about it being high, it’s now creeping towards 2k. Getting cheaper legendary engraving books isn’t enough to try to defend having bots.


That only applies to people buying gold with crystals right? So F2P players should be fine and actually benefit?!

I am not defending it, I hate it, and I reported it in my own topic on this forum, which a CA responded to. They now know how badly AGS is being destroyed by the bots.

Also, the honing book situation was never good for the same reason, it is still gold that goes towards RMT.

No, not at all. RMT activity raises the prices on all items, F2P players end up paying more for every item that is not being exploited by bots. (honing books and Grudge books)

AGS: this is fine


The orange honing books being so cheap is more I think due to the more prevalent number of buses out there instead of bots. Right now in a lot of cases its far cheaper to get the book and hone with it every time until +15 then to hone twice even at the sub +9 and below levels.

But the leg books, yep def bots.

No. They are being listed 10 at a time, which matches up with the Thronespire reward.

Improve the entry condition of replicas to restrict robots, such as 1385 or 1415!!!

@Roxx please do your job and deal with this, it has been months and not a single comment from CM about this issue

F2P players are the worst affected by bots. Gold being generated faster than intended causes inflation, so gold has less value for anything that bots don’t farm. Also good luck getting blue crystals with such high gold prices to fund your pheons and aura.


I got the attention of a CM with my earlier post about it and he said he will forward it along, hopefully to take action during this Wednesday’s maint.

Exactly. Accessories and class engravings are all time high. Bots are potentially making millions gold every day by selling grudge books and it’s all legitimate gold from players, that’s made organically. I bet it’s even harder to trace it now. Books need to become bound asap.


In regards to grudge specifically, do you understand the bots aren’t generating any gold? All the bots are doing, is creating those books out of thin air, and redistributing gold on the market.

Do you also understand that on their way to doing thronespire to get the books (and also afterwards until the specific bot gets banned), they are also doing other things that generate gold? You can’t just look at one aspect of bots’ effect on the game and make a conclusion. There is no denying bots are overall harming the game.

depends what the bots are doing
-bot farming items - can be good can be bad
-bots farming currenccy(like gold directly throw unas) - always bad