Bot prevention 0 impact

Again there are mails … I dont rly care about economy bots, they here from beginning and are part of the game…

But pls ad an option that only friend or raid members can send you mails

This is the most annoying thing in this game right now…ofc after dcs united


happy gaming!

bots are like npcs now. we just accept them as part of our story.

Its not even a week yet. It will take time. If not, repost this.

Only difference I noticed is I got 2 gold selling offers in my mail today - instead of the normal 1…

The bot mitigations put in place were not expected to work immediately; updates to trusted status are part of a longer term plan that will allow us to decrease the amount of new bot accounts that are able to be made while continuing to ban and push the old bots out. Over time, this should lessen the amount of bots in the game. We are prepping another large ban wave, but these new mitigations will be more effective in the long term.


We should be able to reject getting mail from strangers.

Once your character gets caught by these guys it’s over, I’m also getting an uptick of mail.

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Good to hear. Now that we know that the ‘trusted’ thing works, when can we have back full functionality to the currently crippled auction house? Plenty of feedback on that, none of it positive.

You mean a large ban wave with false bans, right?

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No, this has not happened yet and is separate from the ongoing potential issue with anti-cheat bans

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I hear and understand the feedback, however with a feature like this feedback is not the only thing taken into account. We are monitoring its effectiveness now that it is in place, and seeing how the AH limits change or improve bot/gold selling behavior. We can then assess the data around this.

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careful peeps dont tell em their preventions dont work, you might get silenced if you attack em :joy:

Why is the effectiveness against bot behavior taking precedence over the drastic impact these limits are having upon your actual player base? It feels like we are an afterthought in this matter, which is a joke. Shouldn’t the experience of real players be prioritized here?

Twenty items across multiple characters is nothing, as other players have stated. Why are we having to choose between selling items, or not? Furthermore, it is not as if the limit is tracked anywhere visually; the player must do it themselves.

This also is terrible for anyone who busses regularly. Obviously, we must now keep track of our progress towards our daily limit, and also prioritize individuals upon the same server. It creates a whole lot of additional nonsense for virtually no reason, while also arbitrarily limiting the ability to bus on a given day.

Is concrete data required to substantiate the player experience on this matter? It seems like it is as obvious as a dog being a dog to any individual understanding the overall game state. If data is required, do the droves of negative feedback not speak volumes?


I think you hit the nail on the head, my friend. Nobody at AGS can understand the game state when nobody there plays Lost Ark past character creation.


I think their thought process is “we are losing to bots, so let’s do these things” except that these things all fuck over the players so they do some toned down version of it.

I’m not sure if any of the fixes are along the thought process of “players are suffering so let’s do these things,” then adjusting it to fight bots.

Quick possible win: denying any mail from strangers. But that’s too hard.

I’m also curious why the RC/gold ratio is never adjusted, when that alone would have more impact than some of these half baked ideas

Personally, I’m on edge, every day when I log into the game,
all 7 of my characters have an email with an offer to buy gold from illegal sites.
I already had a full block list with bots before, so I deleted it all,
and now I’m back on track to fill up the ignore list once more.
This really doesn’t make any more sense.
Why don’t we have the option in the game to block mails from players
who are not on our friends list or from our guild?
I’m already sick of having to report and ignore stupid bots every day.

Unfortunately the block list doesn’t really matter, since once the original sender gets banned, they still have your name somewhere so it’s like those fuckers that call you to extend your car warranty.

If someone at AGS had thought of that use case, maybe there would actually be a solution.

Want to stop that type of mail? Best way is to stop chating in Area and general chat. Or any chat that has the bot names in it. That is what I have done and i get no more mails.

do it asap, daily if you must and i hope no real player got caught in the mix and got false banned.

the robot has been able to crack the accounts banned by EAC, which has been monitored in the background of your system?

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