Bot prevention - Elyon style

That game had some great measures especially regarding trading and market.


If the game is that good why don’t you go back?

Because Elyon shut down within a year.

Quitted months before that.
There was no personal trading, mailing or auction system. Every item had a capped base price, you couldn’t list it for more or less than 5 or 10% ish (same as BDO). That base price would go up or down depending on the offer and demand. Of course ppl found a workaround, they increased the value of a particular not sold item by some tens of millions and used it to trade gold. With only the higher limit imposed and considering the player base here, the community could easily combat this.

sounds like a not finished economic system

also you say people found ways to work around the measures you said are greate…
thats strange

sound for me not like a good system , when their great measures got abused

I don’t think it was designed that way for that particular reason but it worked like so. Every flaw has a fix which may of course add another flaw but the new one is usually harder to exploit.