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Watching a streamer playing Korean Lost Ark the bot topic came up and he mentioned how bots are not a problem at all there, as in order to create an account there you had to provide your ID, so you basically can only have one account.
My doubt is, why isn’t this implemented here? Is there a legal reason to it (maybe you can’t force people to identify in some or any country?)? If there is no legal impediment I think at this point most people (if not everyone) would be glad to do that to fix the bot issue once and for all.
I guess this would take an extra effort as I think Steam doesn’t have this kind of feature so you may need an external launcher like I guess Korea has.
In any case if that is not doable or you feel like that is too intrusive and it may make you lose players:
I don’t know if it stills works like this but CS:GO, when it went free, had 2 types of qeue, (trusted and non trusted (well it also had those before but), everyone could play on the “non-trusted” but in order to play on the trusted one you had to be lvl 21 and have linked a phone number to your steam account.
Therefore at least asking for a phone number to play is legal, and given the number of players CS:GO had and has I’d say not something that upsets people and make them not play the game, so this is a feasible solution. Furthermore as in CS:GO, if an account with a phone number associated happened to be banned (for cheating there, for botting here) any other account you linked that phone in would be banned aswell, further impeding the creation of new (bot) accounts.

Is there an issue with any of this methods? Are they doable but they would take a lot of time? I would like to know at least @Roxx @Sandovall @Shadow_Fox


All Korean citizens have their own social security number, which are used to register for basically anything. Banks, Game accounts etc. Its normal in Korea to be able to make accounts only if you have this number and since bots can’t generate this, botting is not a problem.
The west doesn’t have a system like that and so people aren’t used to that concept and I’m sure people will complain if this system is implemented.
Also would you trust your personal details with a company this incompetent? I’d rather they just put a $5 price tag on the game, single purchase. comes with 14 day crystalline or 2FA. It won’t solve the botting problem. I don’t think anything would, but it would reduce the issue.

It is illegal in European Union countries to require personal data upon services that are not european. It’s called RODO. Amazon would have to sign a contract with European Union countries and promise that European citizen’s personal data won’t be used on any other purpose than this case. Which is unlikely to happen after what happened with Facebook vs EU laws.
Idk Americas’ laws though

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I got this from the streams of the likes of ATK, ZealsAmbitions, etc. so take it with a grain of salt, I can’t personally confirm/deny the below, just a conversation topic:

The national ID actually had a very limited impact in KR, a large “ghost” emerged immediatly of people that don’t even play the game. The botting problem there bacame so big at some point that they had to enforce max account + character limits per server, so that when they ban botting or other offenders, new space opens for “normal” players. Over time the old servers were able to reduce, but not irradicate botting populations this way. However, on newer servers (like one called Nineveh, I believe) they pretty much have the same botting problem that we do.

Nice a talking elk want my credit card number … sounds fair

There is no need to take it as far as registering SSN. It can be done with double verification system. Using a program like NETID or an RSA which gives a randomized password each time you login in combination with our currently login passwords (and maybe registration of cellphone or email addy) and this problem gets solved. Even Amazon requires two -step authentication to shop on their website and apps. Why is it not being implemented on this game, no idea? It was proven successful on WOW SWTOR, ESO and others. This is not a new problem, and the solutions exist. At this point create servers that require two or even 3 step authentication and give everyone a free transfer to these servers upon registering. Thien they should allow us to migrate our Main and alt characters on an account to these new servers, with all our purchased or rewarded items (skins, mounts, etc.). Or force players to register for two -step authentication and any one not registered after 30 days gets deleted. new players have to register, and the accounts can then be screened.

The concept of linking with social security number or similar might be frowned upon but surely, they can linked it to say, a verified Amazon Prime account and can be even more imposing with a requirement of making each user do 1 purchase of x amount (on any item sold on that platform) a month.

Helps solves the botting issue, also helps deliver revenue to their e commerce department.

Isn’t it the same with amazon itself? I mean to buy something in Amazon you need to provide personal information (I mean the package has to arrive to your house) what is the difference?
Is it for being a video game? Is it bc Amazon already signed a similar contract to run Amazon in Europe?
Also as said steam (for CS:GO) asked for a phone number, it wasn’t mandatory to play the game but it was mandatory to play the game to it’s fullest so what would be the difference between LA aand CS:GO?

Can you even read?
Not a single time is credit card mentioned

2FA every login would be a good option for this. And force logout users with a set amount of online time, with a prompt one hour or 30mins before you get booted out. So the bots can be cleansed every now and then and not only on maintenance times.

I don’t know if you mean this but you say about people using others ID for that? That should have some verification, like having to send a photo or something (or a confirmation code if using a phone number) limiting access to only people around you to create bot accounts.
If an account is caught botting (bc they are, we see it every weekly maintenance) then the linked ID/Phone is banned and you can’t create another account with the same ID/Phone.
At some point botters will run out of ID/Phones to use and that would be it

On the topic of ID fraud, yeah, sorry but all those id verification systems are automated or semi-automated and its not like the data you provide is checked against a national register. Not that hare to cheat them. That’s how people do online banking fraud. Lots of countries don’t even have a digital register with their citizens data or are not willing to provide access to 3rd parties like AGS, thank god!

Just imagine that any EU country or the US will give access to all their citizen data to AGS, a publisher with less than stellar repuation, that will in turn use this to authenticate players in an Korean developed MMO… sorry never going to happen.

Amazon is banned in my country. I mean there are no shippings directly to my home address due to said before laws.
But tbh I don’t care if Amazon has my data, I’d really like to have ID verification to exclude bots from Lost Ark but it’s not up to me nor most of us EU citizens.

Again, two step or 3 step verification solves this. 1 step: our already in place password (that we would need to change) 2-step. RSA token or NetIQ/NET ID program that generates a 1-time password every few seconds which is linked to a verified email or cellphone. 3-step after entering in password and 1-time password a second 1-tikme use code is emailed or texted to your phone and requires input. Sure, its tedious but honestly, I have this setup at work, and it only takes about 90 seconds to do this. Password, RSA token, code in my work email. login verified and no issues. with hacking, spam, etc.

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Then mobile phone option :person_shrugging:

Well then the mobile phone option may be viable

It’s valid but maybe having to link a phone number and if the account gets banned you can’t link that phone to any other account would work the same (Being phone mandatory, no phone no play), and you wouldn’t have to be introducing the 2FA coude everytime

Doesn’t WOW do this now? It’s been a minute since i played but i recall something like this