Bot solution /infinte Chaos

We all know that T3 infinite Chaos dungeon is probably the main goldincome for Bots in generell.
So why are the materials even tradeable.
I know that in any other region infinite chaosdungeon materials arent tradeable, so why in EU/NA.
Just a simple move, which would fix a huge problem to a certain degree.
I mean this is pobably not the first post about this and i bet this solution gets ignored for some reason.
Infinite Chaos isnt a reliable source for income for the human player anyway, maybe at the early stages of t3 but at like 1340+ nobody cares and ppl run it only because of boredum or despair.

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To add on to this, if the developers are so mindful of how the bots could abuse the event vendors or new island vendors to farm materials so they combat it such as making those items bound/roster bound, then why are they not doing the same for infinite chaos dungeon vendor?

Afaik it hasn’t been changed yet unless when I login later in like 6-7 hours to check its finally all bound lmao.