Bot wave are incoming again,any news? Why a big company cant deal with this?

Insane amount of bot are doing their stuff,it’s a been months with this without any good solution from ags.
Big company like amazon cant deal with bot? we are facing a big problem where the game get problem day/day like DC,lagg spike,bug auction house,maybe that’s all is caused by a flow of infinite bot? Maybe it’s time for amazon to focus enterily on the battle vs bot? if that’s exist.
We are gonna quitting this game i know, that because from 1 year we will see only bot playing this game for 10k player. Please stop saying stuff like the battle still continue guys,it’s not fun anymore. Money can do everything,so stop joke with us and do something.


If you thought about your question for about 30 seconds you could arrive at the answer. Hint: there will always be bots. Now think about why.




amazon =/= amazon games studio

no. the dc issues has only been an issue for 3-4 weeks now in the volume that it’s been occurring but it’s also been happening since day 1, you have EAC to blame for it.

they will never win. blizzard have been battleing bots since wow release 10+ years ago and it’s still a problem to this day and wow classic has had it even worse so yea.

you speak for yourself and i think you’ll find 1 year is overly optimistic, as other things come up people will move, people are already starting to go and look at other things like WoW:Dragonflight, or waiting for the likes of Diablo 4 to release.

money can’t do everything the sooner people realize that the better. If a billion dollar franchise can’t eradicate bots that what chance does an indie dev have?


SG can’t bring a definitive solution and that’s it. They are not even able to know how many new players there are because of the bots.

The only reason here is why AGS/SG cant and will never win against these bot developer is about money. Why would these genius be a slave of AGS/SG for little amount which they can make millions out of their skills.

LA is still using UE3. Their code base is stuck in 2010. You expect that dev to be able to make good tools to fight bots?

There are tons of example of LA devs being incompetent, there is no way those people will be able to properly stop bots.

Because someone is buying gold.

Both AGS and SG actually knows how to deal with bots, but they are simply avoiding that method because it’s to extreme/drastic. So, they’re trying everything else before using that as a last resort seen with their soft stance/ineffective approaches when it came with dealing with bots for the past 9 months.

How to combat bots? You prevent bot farm abilities from easily making a new bot account. So, an implementation of an indefinite lockdown is the solution to that problem.

Once bot farms can no longer make infinite number of bot accounts, AGS/SG cracks down on current existing bots with frequent ban waves and then monitor for sleeping bot accounts as now the remaining number of potential bot accounts in the game is finite/will run out eventually. Afterwards, they slowly rollback changes they did in an attempt to combat against bots, but only turned out to be an inconvenience on players whether it’s the gold from rapports, changes in AH, etc.

Lastly, they develop an adaptable advance registration process for potential new players. This serves as a filter where the goal is to only let in new human players and keep out new bot accounts. ( Indefinite lockdown is still in place )

AGS at one point did temporaily lockdown the servers at the very launch of NA/EU.
Korea has lock-downed servers from what I heard as well.

So the precedent and technology is there, but AGS/SG is simply afraid of hurting their non-existent potential profits from “new players”. There is no real significant growth in the past couple of weeks-months and the numbers that are shown whether it’s steamchart or etc only reflect a steadily growing number of bots not new players. There’re also plenty of forum posts from actual new players that describe their poor experience which led them to quit. So, the game is bleeding out both new and vet players while steadily inflating with new bot accounts.

TLDR: Bots may never fully be gone from the game even if a indefinite lockdown happens. However, the end-goal that AGS/SG should aim for is to limit how many bots are in the game so that the bot farms are slowed down in their efficiency or go out of business from not having enough resources to supply RMT activities/harm the AH/ etc. The lockdown of servers is the first and best step in achieving that goal.


The only way they could stop bots is to have some kind of vetting process to verify that an account is real, but that will never fly in the west.

They’re so difficult to spot tho


Facts, what’s more difficult is preventing new ones from being created :man_shrugging:

Because they dont want to. Simple as that. XD

The answer is pretty simple. They can’t because they are AGS. Or they own some of the gold selling companies and thus don’t want to ban the bots. There is no other scenario.

They don’t ban RMTers is what it is. There are more people I know of participating in RMTing as it simply goes unpunished whatsoever. I feel behind that I’m not while farming legit like a retard.

You ban 100k bots today
Tomorrow 100k new bots log on. These bots had steam accounts and unused characters ready for months now to replace.

While banning those 100k bots you accidently catch 10k actual players in the crossfire. Now you need to sort out who should be unbanned.

Two days later the problem is right back to where it was two days before.

Until there is a method of stopping bots from creating new steam accounts and joining servers banning them does basically nothing.

It actually does help since they will have to level up and hone to T3 again. It slows them down a little bit. They should also orient their detection towards the early game areas as that would also greatly reduce the possibility of banning “bot like” players.

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correct me if I am wrong, maybe I am. But can you not, on a fresh account, buy a PP to Punika?

I think you can but you dont have to since it only takes a couple of days to get to T3.

Technically they do have those character bound gems… they could just make all gems character bound for the characters first x number of days played or something