Both Weekly Rapport packs removed from shop?

Just checking, I didn’t see anything about it. It’s probably cuz of bots and the punika pass or whatever isn’t it.

I was lookin forward to my ez 34k weekly rapport :frowning:

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Yeah, it’s gone. This really sucks going to be a lot harder to get rapport stuff done now. Also not we didn’t get the second fever time reward on Sunday for NAE. Seems like everyone else got it.

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Oh bummer - I recently found out about it like 2-3 weeks ago and let me finish of Nia and some of the island rapports enough to get my turtle. Shame shame its gone

Unfortunately these had to be moved due to an unintended issue with exploits; we’ll let players know when we’re able to fix and redeliver.

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No its not, just use LostMerchants website and pick up leggo rapport every time they spawn, finished all my Ignea tokens (besides SV) that way without buying a single rapport pack.


this is true

if you really dedicated player you can just camp merchants with alts with bifrost

best site ever

Ditto to the above. Site works well at finding the good rapport from the vendors (and both the Seria/Wei Cards you need).
Plus it doubles up on doing the food adventure tomes to find the vendor easier when he spawns if your working on that.

Yeah, unless you’ve got a ton of gold, buying rapport with crystals is really costly.

If you buy from merchants, it’s like 1mil silver for 30k rapport. I fully finished all the rapport in the game with just merchants.

Except that site only works if enough players are on that server submitting locations. In my case, nothing was being reported on my server.

Frankly I am a little confused on what “exploit” they are talking about. The only exploit I can think of with rapport is the infamous Nia virtue skip. But that is possible even without the lost ark shop? Maybe they are using this word “exploit” to include “people who are finishing all rapport characters in the game too fast when we wanted them to be stuck grinding wandering merchants/staying in the game longer”.

Buy boxes with crystals, that are bought with stolen credit cards.
Power level rapport to get gold rewards
transfer gold from rapport rewards to another account

account gets banned for buying stuff with stolen credit card but who cares as the account doesn’t have anything on it of any value anymore as it was instantly transferred off

sell gold on other account to people via 3rd party websites


That is not an exploit. That is more to do with the ongoing losing war they are waging on black market gold selling. I say losing because they have done ridiculous things like ban vpns with the ludicrous notion it would slow bots down. Then they reduce gold rewards which in turn fuels the black market even more (talk about shooting yourself in the foot).

In the case of removing rapport chests, they are only encouraging more players to ditch this game because it adds more proof that they are losing this war on gold bots.

The hilarious part is that AWS is supposed to be this powerhouse of ingenuity when it comes to CDNs, so why not leverage this new fangled thing called “AI” to find the real players? Oh right, because while smilegate might have a passion for this game, AGS couldn’t care less. Will not be surprised if this game is dead within the year, and it will be completely Amazon’s fault because money > art.


Exploit: make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.

I would say it’s pretty underhanded

The definition does not matter here, because most people use it to refer to someone getting an “in game” advantage to complete something inside it. What you brought up as a reason for removing rapport chests is an “IRL” advantage. That is because they are playing the game as intended, but with many accounts for the express purpose of making real life money. None of these bot farms are trying to “win the game”. They see it as an opportunity to make money. Nothing more.

GG Wats next ???

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next probably they’re going to remove gold from punika rapport, adventure island gold, and una weekly


Those were a decent deal for the impatient like me. Was about the only thing i bought in the shop now.


Everything is getting removed in this game, one can only hope they remove everyone from the game next. :rofl:


Great, more player punishment because of bot behavior.

I must be the best player ever then as I am 3 days away from getting the last skill potion the game has, given by ignea tokens and I did all the rapport with free boxes given in event, buying free rapport boxes with hearts and playing songs and doin emotes , oh and the relic rapports from igneas 70/80%

any update on this? hope it’s not forgotten. I was just starting to buy those to catch up on my igneas.