Bots abusing punika pass?

Bots are making it all the way to punika and are littered everywhere which is real disheartening.
Are there any restrictions on buying a power pass for the first time or something?

Could it just be made so you have to beat the story once before you can just powerpass past it all on a new account?

If the bots in this game are anything like other games’ bots then they might be using stolen credit card information to get power passes to boost and then grab the weekly income all before a persons bank charges back those fraudulent purchases.

I feel like adding more restrictions similar to the previous steam trusted account status restriction to prevent bots from abusing the powerpass so much or even making an account in the first place would be fine since it was so effective in the month following those restrictions initial release.

Ty for describing the problem for the 4567th time, we are aware of bots abusing everything and for the time being they won’t be eleminated completely, they will abuse everything they can.
There’s nothing else we can do, pls be patient, and don’t give it up upon the game!

I will do the same, be patient and drunk at the same time, nothing will matter for sure, sooo dear devs, take your time pls, no rush!

This is a forum for feedback and so I left some feedback; i’m not sure what being abrasive in the forums would accomplish though especially from an unaffiliated person, it feels white-knight adjacent which is pretty unnecessary in any game and especially so for Lost Ark considering that Amazon has listened to the feedback and thanked the community for providing it.

I won’t give up on the game nor did I state any intent to; I feel that most people leaving their thoughts on the state of the game are doing so because they DON’T want to give up on the game.

I do like the steps AGS has taken with the steam trusted account requirements in the past and I hope they go further with those methods.

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We appreciate your feedback. I’ll pass this one over to the team. Thanks.

No but this is something AGS know already. Powerpass were disabled because of bots abusing them just like you described.

Restricting powerpass purchase to account that has reached punika at least once only affects real new players, not bots tbh. Before shop powerpass were released, there were already bots in punika. They were questing in other maps of Punika or hanging around at Nia Village. Restricting powerpass won’t do anything significant to them.