Bots..... AGS please comment about your plans to combat it

At the moment, Bots are taking over the game.

Everyone sees them and everyone sees the gold selling spams.

I for one, try and report those but eventually it is just too many.

I see them jumping and moving faster than most players, jumping in between mobs and quests.

Yet, there has been no information from AGS on how they plan on handling it.

Korean servers dont have this issue yet here we are in the endless spamming of Bots and seeing them run around like a line of ants.

AGS - please at least say you are working on a way to combat this. It is getting ridiculous.

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Posted 2 days ago by Roxx:

Update to Gold Seller Spam and Bots
We are constantly adjusting tools, improving chat filters, and acting on reports to ban gold sellers and bots from the game at a rapid rate. In fact, spammers last an average of less than 10 minutes in-game before getting banned. However, it is clear that there are more actions we can take to put a stop to this problem.

Additionally, we’re currently making improvements to our anti-cheat and anti-spam tools. While we won’t detail these plans (as doing so can open the door for bad actors to try and circumvent our efforts), upgrades are on their way. Another step we have taken to help combat chat spam is to restrict area chat for characters under level 30. While we understand that area chat is an important feature in Lost Ark, this will stop spammers from being able to instantly create new accounts in order to spam. Players under level 30 will still be able to participate in chat with groups, friends, in dungeons, and more.
Player reports are instrumental in helping us ban spammers and bots. Submit a report in-game by holding ‘CTRL’ and clicking on a player name in the chat window. Be sure to select the “Suspected Scamming/Cash Transaction” or “Suspected Use of Illegal Programs (Bots)” option from the dropdown menu, as it will aid our support team in taking swift action. It’s also worth remembering that while we work to improve our fixes for spammers in chat, you can always create a new chat tab by clicking the “+” icon in the chat box and selecting the chat types you want to include or exclude, such as area chat.

Here is the link:

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Thank you!!