Bots always find a new way to sell gold, just found this =_=

I was like… bruhh. seriously?

There has been same bot advertising in t3 guardian lobby over a week, yet he is still not suspended. Pretty sure that he must have been already reported by many players through ticket, and I wonder why AGS support doesnt take any action? Hmm?

And some CM replied people to report him via ingame system, but there is no way for players to report through the lobby since it’s not supported feature in lobby menu and this clearly tells that CM doesnt even play the game at all



This same guy literally has been there for more than 10 days and still AGS doesnt take any action?

Just stop, they won we lost. Devs kind of blow in this game. So just have fun playing it while it’s still around. Don’t worry about all the BS. That’s my new way of thinking.

The cost was like 0.5 for 1k gold before they push the trusted system and now its around 3.

Also, they stop spaming in chat so it isnt that easy for them now.