Bots and Gold Options

So was reading the patch notes and noticed this line “Replaced gold rewards from various early World and Stronghold quests with a variety of new rewards to prevent farming by bots.”

Now considering the bots have destroyed the economy with things like collectible completly off the table as a gold options (unless you’re a bot) i would like you to consider increasing the total gold given in t3 content by a marginal amount.

with so many options off the table for gold with the invasion of bot and updates like this one, it put pressure on other things like lifeskilling to help offset the economic impact of bots.

Thanks for reading

Theres really no point. They arent going to do what is necessary, and there’s no one upping chinese bot farms by playing catch up with bandaids.

If there was a way this situation wouldnt exist.

The player population is going to end up outnumbered soon enough. Unless they drop this useless eac nonsense(doesn’t even stop pvp cheaters), for an effective control system, i dont know how we recover.

the ineptitude of a trillion dollar corporation to deal with bots in a game is simply astounding, and the persistent solution being to essentially punish normal players access to gold is frustrating to say the least, really like the game, but this garbage is really killing any desire to play.

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