Bots and hackers in PvP

There are so many people cheating in all ways possible, there are speed hacks, people passing through objects, having no cooldowns and so on, I’ve seen it all.

Bots are just part of problem, yes there is a lot more of them than hackers and they are wrecking economy but having to fight sorcerer with no cooldowns in proving grounds is not very interesting, you just get blasted.

When ranked PvP comes out playing it will be simply useless since one guy with hacks can wreck an entire team not to mention 1 player so ranks will be basically obsolete.

There is a serious need to do something about this problem since reporting is not really a viable solution, I’ve reported many of bots as have other people but I still see bots everywhere since they just make new accounts and start again.

Please fix anti-cheat or do something to prevent cheating before ranked pvp starts or you might as well not release it at all since there will be no point…

Any information/update on this topic would be appreciated @Roxx or any other CM that has the information :slight_smile:


Pretty sure they are aware of this and there’s no way they’ll release the ranked season prior to implementing something for these speed hacking bots. At least I hope…

Yea, I hope too, but no information is frustrating, just saying report people is giving me bad vibes about future lol


Roxx has stated multiple times that they are working on their detection tools and their banning system so idk hopefully they can work something out. Things are getting worse with each passing day lol

Yea, also ques are still persisting on EUC, I can bet that at least 20% of “players” are bots that’s why we get unstable servers and matchmaking not working so getting rid of them would improve stability and que time, anyway plenty of problems to solve for devs…

There are a bunch of threads with wonky math showing upwards of 40-50% of players are bots but I believe the real number is probably lower more like 20-30% but still that’s insane and needs to be dealt with…

I’ve played a lot of games over the years, and I have never seen a game so overrun with bots/hackers as Lost Ark. What is the point of EAC if it’s not doing anything to slow these buggers down.

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EAC has not been implemented properly for this game unfortunately. The way the Anticheat works is quite complex but it is essentially building a database of things running on players machines including the botters and logging abnormalities ingame as well. Once Amazon/Smile/Epic reviews the abnormalities they will set rules in the anticheat to block certain things and then can mass ban or take action on the accounts found to have abnormal data etc. It’s a work in progress and im sure there are many other intricacies of the program they won’t share to circumvent the botters from bypassing their detection methods. Needless to say this whole thing is a big issue and I hope the anticheat picks up fast because the botting and gold inflation is getting worse with each passing day.

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Thanks for the EAC explanation, that makes sense. Surely with the massive infestation we have, there would be enough preliminary data to make a start. Guess we just have to be patient.

this aged well

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