Bots and lies - Cowardice and Capitalism

This is just another lie. Because telling the truth is only going to make everyone angry. Which, they are already SO ANGRY about everything that has gone wrong with Lost Ark.

But the way I see it. If you cared about the player base as a whole. As much as you would try to have everyone believe. You would have made them “Bound to Roster - Untradable” from the beginning. Dont try to say thats bad for the economy or any of that nonsense. Cuz thats a load of shit.

This game is a business, and starving ppl will pay desperately for food. Starve them of mats, and the same will happen in game.

The issue is, and always will be the BOTS, bots gave way for people to buy gold at a reasonable price instead of paying for it through your WAY INFLATED crystal system. BOTS created an abundance of available in game mats for people to climb faster. BOTS have spammed area chat making it something NO ONE wants to read thus taking away from player to player interactions, limiting the majority of interactions between players to be in negative context. (Name calling after PvE task, PvP game). BOTS have polluted the server to the point where real players cant even log in within a realistic time frame.

And all the while you sit back and claim youre doing something about it. Whatever youre doing is wrong, youre wrong. You should have implemented a 2 step login verification and shut this shit down months ago. But here we are.

Now youre dealing with all the reprecussions caused by this bot fiasco, up to and including lieing to the people that just want to love and play this great game.


honestly they don’t care. game is F2P…
they already made their money from Whales and such…

In a subscription based game, the loss is a lot more significant and meaningful to the company but as F2P, different story.

You all fail to realise that there are two types of bots - those that mess with game’s exe - and those AGS fights and has a chance to win against, and those that don’t even touch game process but simulate player behaviour - and those are not detectable. There always will be bots. They can’t get rid of them, only make it less profitable - and that’s what they ultimately will do - everything will be bound so the only people left botting will be those who bot endless chaos dungeons for mats.

Here, bump this and continue to remind them that people think it’s kinda stupid that all these items are not roster bound, doing nothing but causing player frustration.

As for Bots. A F2P download with no barrier to entry in creating accounts with a game play style that could not be more bot friendly if you tried. Yeah, we’re gonna have bots.

I don’t think anyone truely believe they can solve the bots issue once and for all. As sad as it may sound, there will always be bots yes. But not at this level where it is completely out of control causing havocs on servers and for real players ?

The game is unplayable because people can’t even log in…

Yeah, it looks like the botters are trying to make some statement, maybe there was some failed bot banwave?

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I don’t know this for sure but it seems the opposite.
When this April patch dropped AGS I believe wiped out a whole lot of bots with it.
Bots got angry, and saw this new event that rewards gold ? a fantastic opportunity to strike back in full force…

Not defending AGS and SGR which work together for this game.

But if you got the permanent “Not wrong” solution, start marketing it my guy. Several companies will pay you big time for a permanent solution against bots!

There is a simple solution to the issue. Get rid of the crystal > gold transaction in the Lost ark store. Change the gold transaction to straight $$$ = Gold. And make it cheaper than the bots are selling it. Not only do you alleviate the bots reasoning to be here in the first place. They also make the money instead. People will find ways to use real money to get what they want regardless. Just hand it to them so we can move on. I personally dont like buying gold. Because i miss the old days of taking 6 months to get a character to max lvl and really enjoying all the game has to offer. But, to each their own.

U get 8 million gold for about 20 CAD on the g2g website for Azena.

They would never give u those rates.

That quote isn’t really a lie so much as it was answering something different to what was being asked.

That is so far from false. I just went to look. $24 for 10k.

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How could they honestly believe people would not want roster bound mats from the get go? How? Serously.

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Probably because roster-bound materials were never a thing in other regions.
If SGR never thought it was an issue anywhere else, why would they change it here?

a game being F2p doesn’t excuse weird decision-making and lack of transparency on important issues.

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sure they are detectable get their behavier searched and autoban everyone doing it and any accoutns connected to a bot

Character bound materials dont make any sense since you are always left with pile of materials that become useless and they are worth 1 silver per piece, make them roster bound of give us more silver when we sell them

I dont think you are actually defending bots, but lets not pretend bots helped anyone except false wannabe whales and cheaters. They caused BC prices to skyrocket, which really hurt FTP players. people RMT are circumventing the in game economy. The reason gold was expensive is because thats what players were valuing their gold at during that time. When someone goes around the in game shop, they are instead buying printed gold, and often they will then use that printed gold to buy BC, instead of doing it the legitimate way.


I was never angry.