Bots and Punika Chaos Gates - Cut them off

This has probably been brought to everyone’s attention over and over again but why let the bots continue to farm the Punika chaos gates??? I doubt there is any real players going to them anymore so why keep them active or atleast shut them down or make the materials from the Punika chaos gate bound until you can control the bot problem which will probably be never but who cares? Power passes to 1415 makes Punika chaos gates worthless for players to go to.

There is also so many other solutions to this like having roster level tied to trades per day. You have spent the time enforcing the 20 limit per day and changing the UI to show how many trades you have left why put this kind of work in that hurts players and bots when you can just work something in that WOULD seriously hurt the bots and keep the players happy?

I agree.

No real players ever play Chaos Gate in Punika. Even on Candarria at the times I usually play, 3-5 players is max.

Something needs to be done with that, because no humans, only bots profit from those anymore.

1302 punika ones?

I do on my low-level toons…
New players would play them too.

I did the Punika CG alot of times… am I a bot now? ok

You know you can just ignore it like I do. As long as they don’t join my raid group I don’t care what they do.

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