Bots are able to play, Players cant!

Maybe I’ve been having this problem every week for 3 months, even many players are experiencing it, but the big lost ark team can’t even solve a small problem. They only say comment on the following topic in the forum, sorry, the answers given for months as we are trying to solve it are not a solution anymore, it has lost its credibility. It is really interesting that the program, which should prevent cheating, allows all cheats but not only players. If this situation lasts for 1 more week, me and my teammates will delete the BOTS ARK completely. It’s really unfortunate for amazon.

Hello @Bwerken

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I understand this situation is frustrating for the players and can agree with you is notable problem. This represents a big challenge for the team and hopefully we will have a solution for this on the future updates. I can no be sure if the EAC problem you show on the picture is directly related with the BOTS problem even thoug you can follow some of this troubleshooting steps: Troubleshooting EAC Issues - Support | Amazon Games
I also suggest to create a web ticket for the BOTS report or the EAC issue: Contact Us | Amazon Games

Thank you for your understanding hero!

I am getting two differenct error one of them EAC as you can see, other is G0x9-SPELPWP1P2NT. Each time gives me one of them. And I tried every solution on your forum. Non of them working and never worked for 3 month. I also tried to format my computer. Same everytime never worked. Last month never saw that error, after last patch its just appeared again and this time cant even stay alive 30 sec.

Hey @Bwerken

I understand this situation can be frustrating for you even though this is the last updated information related to this issue and the oficial post is this one: EAC OFFLINE | SPELPWP1P2NT Mega Thread.
I will be glad to update this post when new information comes up.

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I’ve worked out the solution myself and I think it’s probably related to your server support. My IP address was in a series starting with 100, I called my internet provider and requested to switch to 90 series. Ever since I switched to 90 series, I no longer get EAC OFFLINE error, so since yesterday. You can have a look at the solution to this problem, your servers don’t seem to have a smooth synchronization on every IP location.

Hi @Bwerken

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I’m glad that since you have requested to you internet provider to change you IP address you no longer have EAC OFFLiNE error.

We really appreciate that you sharing this possible solution with us.

I will report this to the Devs team so they can look into this and investigate about it.

Hope you have a nice day and see you in Arkesia! :wolf: