Bots are back in full force, expect long queues and loadscreen this evening

Only took them a day to find a workaround.

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As of posting this, USW servers are already experiencing lag. Me(Mari) and some of my friends on Shandi lagging our asses out during yoho simulation runs.

There was probably nothing done about the bots and bots were just logging back in after maintenance yesterday. I guess it takes time to log back in 300k+ accounts.

Load times are crazy long now and first time seeing this message (it started at 12 seconds):


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could be true aswell

Valtan at 5k+ queue wheee… not

It just recently spiked this past 10 mins, this is gonna be unplayable at peak hours. @Roxx HELP

50 mins of lopang a day here we go

Is like AG and SG are sticking their heads in the sand with the bot HUGE PROBLEM. It can’t not be understated. It will bring down the game and new players will be swatted away like flies. 300k+ Bots!!! Don’t you think AG should prioritize this instead of fixing a “game breaking bug” with rapport KEKW.

Its KEKW that people think even if they “solve” the issue and get rid of them for a week they wont come back. Bots will always be here. In any MMO. Fixing an exploit with rapport is far easier than trying to get rid of bots permanently. KEKW

They should permaban everyone who buys any amount of gold…

I was in vern and there were 43 channels going I decided to spot check channels and there were just trains of bots going from chaos dungeon to repair vendor in everyone I checked. Whatever they think they are doing is not enough at this point it is beyond ridiculous. I have played MMOs for most of my life and I have never seen it this bad.

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At least they should permaban these people that make these types of transactions to set a good example. At this point, I feel like its just going rampant. Not a single day that I look through the gem section and not see at least 20+ rmt prices.

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What is really disturbing is in my server, enviska, I’m now seeing bot players in cube runs. Not sure why, maybe masterpieces for the masterpiece gold?

But 3 cube runs in a row this morning I had what was clearly bot farmers in the matchmaker group. Didn’t seem bot script though, seemed like actual human controlled.

But had all the usual desc of bot farmer characters - zero to minimal stronghold, no chat of any kind, 1 char just standing at entrance of cube room to clearly just be there to get free loot, the nonsensical dassdwwg names, etc

I had zero choice, if I left I’d lose my cube tickets used (esp on one run with x3 tickets used). Not quite there yet as still enjoy game aside from bots but starting to think this issue will probably be the make or break on LA (not the communication or honing or class roll outs, none of that really matters)

The express event gives 1.6k gold I believe and to complete it they need to do the cube for mats to progress their express characters for that sweet bottable gold(One of the quest is completing cubes)