Bots are becoming a huge issue. Possible solutions?

They have.

There was a thread a few weeks back and people were blown away by the fact that people were only getting a ridiculous slap on the wrist (3 day suspension) for buying gold. Many of us in that thread were saying how buying gold should be a permaban. We were asking AGS to do this. I’m pretty sure the thread was in the “Game Feedback” forum here, and I do remember Roxx or one of the other CM’s had been replying in the thread.

So we have asked for it and many of us know it’s exactly what should be happening. The fact that it isn’t happening is just ridiculous.

And by the way, I quit the game a month ago because I was beyond sick of seeing more bots than legitimate players everywhere I went. I wasn’t any longer going to play a game outright infested with bots. It’s disgusting and amazing to me it has went this far and still happening. So why am I here on the forums? On occasion I check them to see if the bot issue has gotten under control, because I really liked the game a lot. I’m hopeful the situation will eventually get under control, then I will come back to the game, but not until then.

I was really enjoying the game. But not enough to constantly turn a blind eye to seeing nothing but bots everywhere I looked. I’m not going to play a game full of cheaters. I used to report them, but there were so many that it would have taken all my game time just to report all I would come across. I almost quit earlier, but liked the game so much that I decided to try to ignore the bots and just enjoy the game. I made it 2-3 more weeks and finally I was done.

Ok, that one slipped by in the flood of bot-complaints :smiley:

I have only seen one time a month ago or so where one of the CM’s pointed out how they handle the bans. Naturally, this is completely nuts.

But this is also where I would call out AGS for their selective transparancy. Transparancy where it’s easy and doesn’t “cost” them anything is one thing, but in the case why people who ruins the game and enables bots are still only slapped on the wrist - now that is an area where some real transparancy and honesty would be nice to have for ONCE.

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I started playing Lost Ark the first day of early access. I ended up enjoying the game so much more than I thought I would. I was recommending the game to all my friends who are gamers, telling them to give it a try and get past the overhead view and click to move. I know a number of people who don’t like that type of gameplay. I was telling people how if you just give the game a chance, it’s an excellent game. I no longer recommend this game to anyone. If anyone mentions Lost Ark, I tell them it’s literally bot infested and you see more bots running around than legitimate players and to avoid the game. I also tell them it’s unfortunate because the game itself is good and lots of fun. But I don’t personally know anyone who will play a game infested with bots no more than I will.

I really do hope they fix it. its really a good game overall. (Still at a low lvl so dont judge me lol combat lv. 23, roster lv. 10)


Completely agree.

The bots are in adventure islands now. Just had a Forpe fail due to berzerkers not becoming chickens and essentially making it undoable with the way their automation was affecting the boss.

I hope they do too. The game itself is tons of fun and I keep hoping they will get the bot problem under control.

No judging you for being low level still! I play the same way. I had played from the first day of headstart and quit a month ago due to the bots. When I quit, I had recently just hit level 50 on my main character and had only one alt I was playing around with. I don’t remember my roster level. But my playtime was limited, and I honestly was just enjoying taking my time. I wasn’t in any rush.

I keep being hopeful because I want to return to the game. But I won’t until I know they have at least got this issue under control. I know they can’t 100% remove all bots. All games have them to an extent, but this is beyond anything out of the many, many pay to play and free to play mmo’s I have played over the last 17 years or so. It’s unacceptable. I’m playing other games now when I have some time for gaming.

lol. that’s a new one.

I guess we should thank all the RMT-folks for paying the bots to keep coming back I guess.

Maplestory 2 was a very very similar game, and had a worse bot situation than we currently have. But we are slowly catching up to that point.

There the daily dungeons were at a 50-50 ratio of bots and players (on a good day). Similar to this game the zones were infested with farming bots, and naturally that game died in the west within a month or so.

The people asking for easier content in Lost Ark have no idea what will happen if you bring down difficulty level to the point where even the bots can handle it…

yeah i think thats why im taking my time. (Main game I play is GW2) and i REALLY wanna broadcast this game and really dive deep into it, but im trying hard wait for the fixes to happen first. (although im having fun just slow leveling atm on Sorceress lol)

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I never played Maple Story much, to be honest. I believe I tried it for a very short time many years ago. It just wasn’t my kind of game, so I didn’t play long at all. I just didn’t enjoy it. I think I tried it for 2-3 days or so.

Another game I saw that had a bad bot problem was Aion at launch. Same as Lost Ark, I started seeing more bots than legitimate players and I quit. Again, I understand all games unfortunately suffer from some bots. But I refuse to play a game where there are more bots running around than legitimate players. We all know Aion failed also.

GW2 is an amazing game. I have been playing that one since the first closed beta. I was a huge fan of the original Guild Wars, so pre-ordered GW2 the first day it went on sale. It’s honestly a great game. I play that one and WoW primarily. I want to also play Lost Ark some, but not until this is under control.

The sorceress is my main too. Fun class. You will enjoy it as you keep leveling. I’m usually the type of player who has tons of alts in games, but I enjoyed my sorceress so much that she was almost all I played. I had just made an alt a few days before I quit,

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Wife asked me to login today to see if the update solved the bot issue and I had to sadly tell her no. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we’re officially done with this game until they add someting better than EAC (which stinks, just ask Warzone players) and 2FA like the other MMO’s we play. Great game with great potential yet sad game management/security. Until we meet again friends!


That’s my exact struggle with the state of affairs, I started playing this game on whim not expecting it to hit so many marks I wanted in an MMO. I just wish there was better communication on tackling this problem, and a larger focus on it than other issues with the game. They can fix up complaints about content, systems, etc. But it’s all in vain if the population is no longer there which this issue will lead to that.

The criticism towards the lack of more rapid resolution of this issue, and request for better measures comes from not a place of malice but disappointment because otherwise all things considered the game is fantastic.


i followed them yesterday lol, but they were on white horses

We need a wanted poster put up in punika asap.

“Last seen in X riding towards the sunset on white horses”
“Reported dead or alive”
“Reward: An automated customer support response.”


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its obviously a money issue, thats why they continue to push out new stuff, like the ark pass amd toons and skins and whatever, rather than solving the bot issue…

its to the point now, that they should start showing us the devs actually getting the reports about bots, and there actually responce other then the usual solved when its not.
trust in AGS, Steam and Smilegate are probably at the same lvl now probably at 50 percent and dropping weekly

awesome answer lol

an the automated responce would be, our devs say there is no issue with bots or rewards in the game and in dungeons

which we all know hasnt been solved yet…

Yeah, I can’t imagine being a new player and seeing the literal flocks of bots all over the place and continuing to play. Even if you’re unphased by how they might affect the economy or your own gameplay experience, it’s just such a constant eyesore.

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