Bots are becoming a huge issue. Possible solutions?

I’d suggest the game is probably almost unplayable for new players due to berzerkers being EVERYWHERE


If you do a google search of Lost Ark, normally you see tons of articles about the game’s success. The bot issue is so bad that it’s now starting to get negative press, which isn’t good. It’s so unfortunate to think that this is a really fun game that will more than likely fail and be brought down due to the sheer amount of bots infesting it.

Man counts one Lost Ark bot every 8 seconds (

I suggested a solution in the top link. Hard, direct, for the good sake of everyone here.

U don´t believe in this? Just know what botters and gold resellers rely on and how they make things count for them to make a profit, and you can get rid of many of them.

just remove trading.

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I mean, I always told myself “nobody is ever gonna buy golds from a shaddy bot that just spams everywhere it’s stupid site, and even whisper you like 4 times in a row whenever tou talk in a public chat”

But apparently there are players that do ? Or the bots won’t even be a problem anymore ?

So there are people in this world that sees bots destroying a game, litteraly dropping the price of every single item in the game making it impossible to generate gold and are like “i’m gonna buy them golds !”

I don’t know, i just thinks we should add an IQ test and if you are below average you can’t play the game


I said what I said :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes I agree with it, for the same reason steam implemented geo-restricting account creation due to third party sellers using vpns & proxies to buy and sell game keys for a profit by using different currency.

Lost arks VPN ban may as well just be a second ‘check’ to verify the player isn’t bypassing this. Korean accounts can only be created by providing a phone number associated with a Korean phone line, so I guess an alternative would be enforced sms 2FA authentication but that would be a hassle for smilegate to implement for non-korean customers.

Steam TOS:

This. And apparently by the looks if it AGS doesn’t have either manpower or resources to ban RMT:ers.

RMT paradise, just wait until this starts spreading to become even more common knowledge.

it’s game that drives demand…
game also already offers gold and it’s equivalents for cash, it’s just that it’s more expensive than botters sell gold for so they are actually just cheaper alternative, so people are more likely to actually choose option of paying for gold.

Here steam have phone authenticator for login why they not make this for a key access game. I’m sure if they do that atleast bots lose huge number. But I don’t know AGS hear us or just keep close eyes about this because I don’t see any action which give legit impact to bots and keep make real player feeling hurts like block VPN/GPN which give optimize latency for better experience in game.

I see many game they only block VPN which change/hide real IP but never seen block VPN/GPN

AGS doesnt care about the bots, they are too worried about releasing new content…
we can all see the VPN ban didnt work, just like all there previous attempts…
bots are making ags free money, that they are not making off of a free game…

Not Solved

Remove the Trade option to exchange things, and trade option to send things by mail. Add fixed prices to the auction house and market both to adjust the economy and so that no one can use the auction house as a medium of exchange. (Make it work like Black Desert).

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