Bots are being successfully controlled by AGS, well done!

Bot spam controlled :white_check_mark:

RMT Gold prices dropping :white_check_mark:

Economy stabilizing :white_check_mark:

AGS might’ve been the first company to crack the bot issue, WoW/FF14 def. have to take notes.

I hope we keep giving those bots hell, here’s to the future of LA! :raised_hands:

Give it a week… the bots will be back after they find the loophole that they patched. I’m already seeing some in the lower areas.

I doubt it, it takes a while to get Steam Trust Lv 1 like 30 days and those accounts are expensive for these gold sellers to buy.

It’s a huge hit to bot farms.

Bots are better people than whales. They have more gold and money.

Im still seeing bots but im not sure how much they are able to effect the economy considering they need trusted accounts. It was a good step in the right direction and I hope they keep the pressure on them to keep the game healthy!

Bots do adapt and evolve to countermeasures, I wouldn’t hold my breath on this being a long term solution

You were saying?

I think the key thing you’re missing here is that 30 days between means they cant trade for that amount of time. Which gives AGS more time to identify and remove those accounts BEFORE they can trade anything… So…
Seems to be working

I was able to sit in Vern last night without being spammed and the amount of bots in Prideholme are significantly less.

I’m really impressed :heart: